There's no shortage of leaks, hacks, and thefts in the online world, with what seems like a new high-profile story emerging every week. Digital security, which has always been important, is now harder to ignore than ever, but it can be difficult to know where to start.

Get access to four of the best digital security apps for just $10 a month!

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Should you start browsing with a VPN? Should you up your password game? What about backing up your data in case your device gets infected with malware? And in that case, how do you protect against malware and ransomware? Instead of trying to answer these questions separately, Windows Central Digital Offers has made it easy to get everything in one place.

This Digital Security bundle includes subscriptions for four of the best security apps out there, including NordVPN, Dashlane password manager, Degoo backup, and Panda Dome Advanced anti-malware system. Whereas you'd normally pay about $32 per month for access to these services, you'll instead pay just $10 per month. That's a savings of 68 percent off the regular combined price.

Add some privacy, use better passwords, back up your data, and keep out malware with this $10 subscription bundle!

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If you've been thinking of stepping up your digital security but didn't know where to start or didn't want to deal with a bunch of separate subscriptions, this security bundle is no doubt what you're looking for. Considering it includes services from some of the top security apps out there, a monthly price of $10 is a really great deal. Don't wait too long, as this price won't be available forever.