Think about it. All of your most valuable information is on your computer: your credit card numbers, your address, your bank account information — every piece of information that a thief can use to steal your identity and wreak havoc on your financial life is there for the taking.

What you need is total control over your computer and how it communicates with the internet. A good firewall and malware detection program, like Spyshelter Firewall can do that for you.

Spyshelter Firewall is a firewall and malware detection program rolled into one. It lets you control how all of the programs on your computer interact with the internet. If a program attempts to communicate with the internet in a way that you have not specified, it will alert you; likewise it will let you know if an outside program tries to communicate with your computer. It also searches for programs that attempt to capture an image of your screen or monitor your keystrokes.

Right now, Windows Central Offers has a great deal on a lifetime license for Spyshelter Firewall — just $39.99 for complete protection of your information for as long as you need it. Here's what you get:

  • Provides incoming & outgoing network requests detection
  • Allows you to control every inbound & outbound connection that is being established.
  • Locks out hackers & undesirable applications from connecting to your PC
  • Allows network administrators to securely control access to clients, servers & applications
  • Provides detailed insights into the users, groups, applications, machines & connection types
  • Protects against dangerous people who want to steal your data
  • Shields sensitive data that can be found in your Windows clipboard
  • Stops all suspicious screenshot capturing activities

Don't let hackers ruin your credit and your peace of mind. Take full control over your digital information with Spyshelter Firewall.

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