Lumia 535

The Windows Phone deals continue to come out of the woodwork for British buyers and the latest could save you a few pounds on a new Lumia 535. At Carphone Warehouse right now you can grab one on pay-as-you-go on Vodafone for £69.99, but if you're an existing Orange customer you can snag one for just £49.99.

Since the purchase of a pay-as-you-go phone usually requires the purchase of a SIM with a top-up, if you don't want to do this and use your existing Orange SIM you'll be getting a pretty great deal on this 5-inch Windows Phone. It's available in Black, Orange or Green and can be had via the online store with free next day delivery.

Grab one at the link below, and for a quick-fire introduction, we've rounded up 7 things you need to know about the Lumia 535.

Source: Carphone Warehouse

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