Get the NFL Mobile Live app

Let's say you're, erm, on Sprint, and let's say you've, erm, somehow lost your NFL Mobile Live app and need to, erm, reload it. (See where we're going with this?) A CAB file's available that puts your favorite NFL team and the latest news, scores and a whole lot more than, erm, Sprint customers have enjoyed for some time now. XDA Developers

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  • That's a nasty cold you got there, Phil...
    If this is anything like the "lost" Nascar app, then I expect it to be as slow as molasses and the audio won't work.
    Of course, I'm still gonna try it..
  • @kareljack is right - it's pretty slow. Being able to listen to the games is nice, but doing anything else like walking in glue. I am with Sprint and running this on my TP1 on NGRZ 21864 build and it's still pretty slow. FWIW, I hear that it runs decently on the new Sprint ROM (v2.01.651.6)
  • It's slow on a TP2 as well. I think the app is just slow, no matter what you have for a phone.
  • In truth, I don't understand clearly.
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  • how do I remove my cell phone from getting NFLmobile Live update Please let me know. Ken PATTON
  • How do I get from the to a useful app on a HTC Evo (Sprint). I used WinRar to open up the cab but got no further despite having an Installer app. Please advise. I was previously able to load from one file for the Verizon version and uninstall it and I was hoping this would be similar process for Sprint. Mpup54 hotmail if you can tell me the process, thanks