Get ready for next semester and save big with Amazon's new Off-to-College store

Finishing your exams? Taking some time off? Enjoying your summer? Well, time to start thinking about the next semester! Amazon has launched an "Off-to-College" store (opens in new tab) to help students stock up on everything they need.

It's never too early to think about going back to school, and Amazon's store has categories for everything from dorm room essentials (opens in new tab) to men's (opens in new tab) and women's fashion (opens in new tab). You'll even be able to rent, buy, or trade textbooks. Or get the electronics and other school supplies you need.

Plus, if you're interested in this section then you should know Amazon has a Prime membership just for students (opens in new tab). It comes with an extended free trial that lasts for six months, compared to just 30 days for regular Prime. After that trial is up, the membership will cost you just $59 for a year, compared to $119 for the regular version (opens in new tab). You'll still get almost all of the same benefits, too, including free two-day shipping, access to Amazon's streaming service Prime Video, and more.

The Off-to-College store will become a launching point for Amazon sales in the future, and with your new Prime Student membership you can access Amazon's other deals, like today's huge sale on Logitech gear (opens in new tab) with super fast shipping. In fact, Prime members will specifically be eligible for early access to Prime Day deals when that big event hits later in July. Be sure to check out our Prime Day hub for more updates on that since it's just around the corner.

John Levite
Deals Editor

J.D. Levite has been in the deals game since 2012. He has posted daily deals at Gizmodo, The Wirecutter, The Sweethome, and now covers deals for Android Central, iMore, and Windows Central. He was there for the first Prime Day and has braved the full force of Black Friday. If you cut him, he bleeds savings. But don't try it for real. That's a metaphor.