One of the most famous PC turn-based strategy games, Civilization, has reached its sixth iteration, bringing all-new ways to engage with the world. You start with a modest village in ancient times, and from there it's up to you to expand your borders and influence in any way possible.

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As a AAA title, Civilization VI usually costs about $60, but right now you can get the game for $23.99. That's 60 percent off the regular price! Once purchased, you can instantly redeem Civ VI through Steam and start building your empire.

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It's up to you to make big decisions about which way your civilization will grow and thrive, whether through warfare, religion, culture, or science. Not only can you test your skills against challenging AI, but you can also take your game online to play against real people.

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Whether or not you've played previous Civilization games, getting the sixth installment at just $23.99 is a steal of a deal. One word of warning: budget a lot of time, as it will seriously suck you in. Please, just one more turn!