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Have you ever watched a fantastic film and wondered how the final product all came from the first draft of a script that someone wrote? All great movies start with an amazing script. Every writer (myself included) knows the hardest part of writing anything is getting started, but when it comes to movie scripts, the proper formatting is just as important as having words on the page. No one in Hollywood will look at a script that isn't to the proper standards, meaning if you want to shop a script around you're going to need some help.

Format movie scripts with ease using Final Draft 10!

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Now, you could learn how to format all your scripts in most word processors, but it would take you hours to figure out all the right margins, spacing, fonts, and other specifics that go into a screenplay. There are plenty of screenwriting programs available for you to purchase, but they can be very expensive. Lucky for you, iMore Digital Offers has a solution.

Final Draft 10 is the standard software used by professionals all around the world to write screenplays. Whether you're writing a big budget movie, an indie film, or even a television script, Final Draft 10 will automatically format your writing to the correct standards.

Just look at some of the features you get with Final Draft 10.

  • Automatically paginates your scripts to Hollywood standards.
  • Provides over 100 templates for screenplays, teleplays, and stage plays.
  • Collaborate with a writing partner in real-time
  • Story Map™ lets you outline acts, scenes, and sequences more efficiently.
  • Store multiple lines of dialogue in the same script so you can choose what works best.

Normally, Final Draft 10 would cost you about $250 dollars, but right now through Windows Central Digital Offers, you can get the program for only $149! Plus, if you used the coupon code FINALDRAFT15 at checkout, you'll save an additional 15%! That means you can get a copy of Final Draft 10 for only $127.50!

Stop wasting your time formatting your script on your own, when Final Draft 10 can do it for you!

Use code FINALDRAFT15 for an additional 15% off!

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