Get this Xbox-themed 'ugly' sweater before it's gone

What you need to know

  • Merchoid is selling an Xbox-themed holiday sweater.
  • Prices start at $55, but some sizes are listed for $100.
  • Stock is limited so make sure you preorder one right now.
  • You can purchase the sweater here.

The Holiday 2019 season is fast approaching, and it looks like Microsoft is getting into it already. Today, Merchoid revealed a licensed and stunning — or ugly, depending on how you look at it — sweater. It prominently features the Xbox logo and other clever details like controllers and buttons. You'll have to see it for yourself to appreciate its beauty. Our very own Jez Corden wants one. I think he told me not to mention that, but I did.

According to Eurogamer, even though the holiday season is many months away, the sweaters will ship on October 17. I suppose it gets cold by then so you'll want to wear it. However, they're not cheap. The website says that they're priced at $55, but some sizes like XS, are going for $100. You can purchase one here.

Stock is limited so be sure to get those preorders in right now if you want one. I've already placed mine, and I bet Jez has, too. Once he gets the sweater, we'll make sure we do a photoshoot showcasing its glory.



Asher Madan

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