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GoPro has no plans to offer future updates for its Windows Phone app

GoPro, the popular action camera company, won't be offering any more updates to its official Windows Phone app. The company quietly confirmed this decision earlier this year in a support forum post that was only recently discovered.

According to the forum post (opens in new tab) (Via MSPoweruser):

"That being said, we definitely do offer legacy support for Windows phones. This means we will do all we can to help out in getting your phone and camera connected, but we will no longer adding updates and new features to the Windows platform. You will also notice on our main webpage for the GoPro App, the Windows store is not longer an option to download the GoPro App"

The official GoPro app for Windows Phone launched in May 2013. The company has offered updates since then that added new features and support for the company's latest cameras. The app is still available in the Windows Store to download.

Download GoPro for Windows Phone (opens in new tab)

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  • Shame on them!!
  • First thing I always think is lazy dev. If you already have a Windows app BFD, make a new one! Were not dealing with security issues, it a friken camera app.
  • The current app doesn't really work anyway. Better off removing it from the store.
  • Exactly. People don't understand that these things cost time, and time costs money. If they have 100,000 app users on Android and 500 on Windows Phone, then they have to make a business decision as to whether pumping 10's of thousands of dollars per year is worth the return. Even 1 developer working for 1 week will cost at least $2,000. So if 500 people buy it for $1, then it's simply not worth bothering with. It's very simple economics.
  • Most companies ending WP app support did it to be able to focus on the future and develop a 'Universal Windows App'.
    The way they are talking about providing legacy support to 'older' Windows Phones without providing new features to the app (which is nothing they have to be ashamed for) makes me assume they are working on a 'Universal Windows App'.
    So I propose we all don't get our panties in a twist and assume the best for once! (instead of assuming the worst, which has been the default modus most people on this site have been in to lately).
  • I wonder how many more of these 'X is pulling it's app from the windows store' articles we can get with the obvious update 2 weeks later that they are releasing a Universal app in the windows 10 store.  THey bring all the Trolls and FUD players to the comments though!  I surely hope someone is keeping track of how many times that's happened on this site! Truth is, Windows 10 is on A LOT of devices.  More than enough to compete with Apple or Google and the devs know it.  It looks like the rollout for 'proffesional users' is just starting to happen so here is my prediction.     In the next 12 to 18 months app devs are going to notice an uptick in the number of people who are downloading apps from Windows 10 devices, probably a BIG uptick.  But the real kicker is that the amount of time people spend using an app is going to be orders of magnitude greater on Windows as opposed to Android or iOS because people sitting in small offices with Windows 10 computers (not properly configured) will be downloading apps and leaving them open on their desktops all day. 
  • In general I agree. Most apps are returning that have disappeared lately. With GoPro I may disagree only because the way they say they won't be providing future updates to "the Windows platform" kinda sounds like everything windows. Idk maybe just me but that's how I read it. But in general I do agree with you Posted via the Windows Central App for Symbian
  • GoPro's stock has been dropping, as have sales. I suspect they are looking to cut costs wherever they can. Not a good sign for GoPro's future.
  • No problem,  I have no further plans to buy any gopro products in the future.
  • Cue windows phone is dead comments
  • No worse than all the sand around here with buried heads everywhere I look.  I hate to see my beloved WindowsPhone disappear but if you can't see this happening than you're in for a rude awakening in the near future.
  • Nah it's ok I'll just buy a 950 (just bought one now actually) They'll support that for a year or so and then I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.
  • I bought a 950 on launch day.  I can't recommend it.  I've had nothing but horrible software issues.  The hardware is great, love the phone, but terrible glitches and one after another of my favorite apps either disappearing or not getting updated and just buggy now.  Gone are the days of my smooth 920 and slick 1520.  MS has let too many of us down. Can't wait to see how many downvotes I get for being honest around here, the community here has gotten as bad as Windows10Mobile.
  • It's called optimism. People have been crowing "WP is dead" since WP7. My phone will continue to work for years to come, so no need to fear any "rude awakenings"
  • Another sad story.... no support for Windows apps, cancellation of Windows apps, no interest in Windows apps. Despite the whole concept of this amazing new platform that is Windows 10, UWP, easy porting of iOS apps etc, all we seem to hear is negative news. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Direct result of the oft gleefully repeated "retrenchment" and Microsoft's "meh" attitude towards their own platform which has ultimately led to fewer users so can't blame a company if they don't think the effort is worth it.
  • So, they miss us. It's a NO-GoPro for me than. Greetings from The Netherlands.
  • Yes - just go with  xamoi action cam and use their wp8/w10m app. Xaomi is Microsoft partner -- surely they will have an app for their gadgets including mi band  
  • I wonder if the Microsoft store will take back the GoPro's I just got. I believe I am just passed my return date.
  • The Xaomi is better then the Hero at 1/2 the price!
  • But you dont have a display and no app .. what a dealbreaker
  • Display no and who uses it.. but there are two apps and one with live preview for Windows phone.
  • honestly, this is sad news, but on the bright side, a large Indian E-grocer has announced planes to expand to the platform and also, although gopro doesn't plan to bring on future updates, the recent trend has been for dropping support only to announce later that a UWP will be arriving.. so fingers crossed here :p
  • Do the deliver world wide? ;-)
    When in England! Yay!!
  • no.. sorry man, currently they are only based in India.
  • /s
  • When in US?
  • Nice
  • The bad part is reading all the negative comments about everything :) I`m just waiting to see the traction of WUA since 2in1 laptops are gaining ground.
  • Everytime I read a company stating Windows Phone, I wonder if they mean older phones 8.1 and older or they mean the entire Windows platform... As the new version isn't called Windows Phone any longer they are Windows 10 Mobile...
  • Nice little catchy brand that Windows 10 Mobile.
  • They also said they removed the Windows logo and links to the store from their website so I would say they are not doing a W10 app lol
  • That's the upside to my Lumia 928 - I keep the old apps for two more years until my perfectly good phone with an awesome camera finally dies. W10 mobile, what's that?
  • I'm torn. I'm glad that it isn't being pulled because GoPro is awesome, but not having new features added is lame.
  • Things are not working for Microsoft
  • Doesn't came as a surprise Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Didn't stupid Satya Nadella invest in GoPro with microsoft funds? I'm sure he did, just like Microsoft invested in Facebook in the early days only to be abandoned of 4+years until recently with updates released. Sometimes I honestly believe Satya doesn't know how to include stipulation in deals/investment he make with other companies that benefit Microsoft; It always seems to be the other way around; these companies get hundreds of thousand of dollars of Microsoft money, yet Microsoft get nothing. Especially in the case of GoPro as their stock was plummeting last I heard...facebook in anohter story though.
  • Satya is the one making Microsoft kill windows phone in the first place lol
  • Some people on this site are out of the minds. I got six down votes on my comment above for speaking the truth about Satya. Your statement is so very true as he's chosen to focus and bring items to other platforms and not his own and want's us to believe he wants WP to succeed. Are e sure he's not turned Trojan horse working for android and Apple? If everything is getting more mobile, it should be a priority to have a mobile presence of your own for the future if computing will be getting smaller and eventually being basically our cell phones. I've not seen one good windows phone advert in over so year or one intriguing phone since the 1520. Posted via Windows Central app for Windows 10!
    Proudly rocking my Lumia 1520!
  • Do they deliver world wide? ;-) As mentioned, a desktop version will probably appear as a UWP. The thing is, no one differentiates between WP 8.1/8/7.5/7 etc. Could this be causing confusion?
  • However sources say they are working on a UW app. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • That's f'ing lame.
  • No big loss. GoPro is on its way out. Sent from Windows 386
  • Every time an app dies on the store, people here say "no big loss."
  • I wonder if Windows Phone dies, will these people say "no big loss"?
  • Bad news in the morning...arghh.. Insert Queen song here (another one bites the dust). Just ordered a gopro also.
  • Well that sucks, was just going to buy 2 cameras for my Harley trip... Hoping for universal apo...
  • Get two Xiaomi Yi Action Cameras (1080P, 60fps 16MP w/Sony's image sensor) for the price of one GoPro Hero (1080p, 30fps 5MP) and load up on accessories.
  • Good. Masterminds mobile gestation will be more peaceful.
  • Gave my GoPro to my neighbor this morning. Bye GoPro forever
  • Lol...
  • Not surpassing. Go Pro sales are plunging and as a result their stock has taken a massive nose dive. They're probably watching expenses carefully and this news is part of that.
  • I just don't understand why... Is it /really/ that hard to develop for, or are these companies just being way too cheap / greedy / lazy?
  • It is that hard to developer for a dieing platform. Even Microsoft isn't making apps for Windows Phone any longer. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yet they're continuing to update their exist apps, and make new UWP versions of others?
  • Windows Phone isn't compatible with UWA last I checked. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So apps like Tweetium (among many others) aren't considered UWP apps?
  • These articles and the statements from these companies need to be written better and communicated more clearly. The app is for Windows Phone and they confirm they are no longer updating it. Yet the reference is to the Windows store. Last I checked there are differences between the 2 and there could easily be a UW app available for something in the windows store and at the same time no WP app available in the phone store. Yes, no??
  • GoPro is a fad that won't last. Wait until truly waterproof breakproof phones are mainstream. Goodbye gopro....nobody needs an app for that.
  • That's a shame. I was in the market for a camera for my cycling. I will look elsewhere
  • Get two shock proof phone mounts and an external 12,000 mAh and your set for a whole day or get an Xiaomi for half the price of a Hero.
  • Hehe, ahhh goode ole app gap getting bigger.   I'm moving to a new building that offers a system that has an app to check who is at the door. Android and iOS only.   My company just deployed a new HR solution to manage employee information and they offer an app. Android and iOS only.     I absolutely despise Google and Apple (particularly Google, Apple much much less because at least you are not the product with them) but I might be getting to the end of the road. It's a shame because I own an Xbox (360 and One), Surface, Windows PC and L1520.3. I really do not want my phone to be the only thing that's out of the ecosystem especially with companies I don't trust (particularly Google) but it looks it's the only way to have proper app support. Now I understand how Mac users felt in the 90s, hehe. :|
  • Mac users still feel that way it just looks a bit nicer.
  • Microsoft's ecosystem on Android works better than on WP. You will miss zero by moving to Android. You can keep every Microsoft service and use it instead of Google's anyway.
  • That didn't last long Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Meh. The wireless function drains the battery anyway. It's a neat feature but generally useless anyway.
  • So true. I used my GoPro on a cruise that lasted 3 hours but the fully charged GoPro only lasted an hour.  Very dissapointed when I went to view the video.
  • GoPro is in the midst of some business troubles. They have a very limited offering and they are seeing sales plateau. Consequently, its much cheaper to pay a few to maintain the app on iOS and Android than to pay programmers to write and update the Window Mobile App.  They need to lower costs to improve their bottom line.  
  • So they won't support Windows at all? Alrighty then. I think they should reword their statement a little. Most of these companies are letting their WP apps die off only to be replaced with universal apps. I figure that'll happen eventually. That said, it's still supported on Windows itself.
  • Also, consider that GoPro is not the sole maker of small, compact, place anywhere, cameras. Some cheap competition is up and coming. GoPro has bigger problems to worry about. ;)
  • GoPro's stock is hovering around $11 from  a 52 wk high of $65.  Their business has fallen off a cliff. The market is saturated and commoditized.  Supporting a windows mobile app is the least of their worries at the moment.
  • Yes, but is this going to be like 32498723498327 other stories where someone from the company who is not well versed in PR (or the companies plans) says they are ending support for Windows Phone, but neglects to mention that they are working on a Windows 10/UWP app that would also work on mobile....? It is getting damn annoying and bad PR for windows phone, as this just keeps happening.  
  • Legacy support for windows phones... I can see a uwp coming, especially as they have an Xbox one app already :)
  • Just another nail in the coffin!
  • Yeah...... for GoPro.
  • #anotherappbitesthedust
  • what are those 6 users gonna do?
  • eh. this just continues to create an app gap that another business can take. Truth be told after having used gopros for a good while, the only thing going for them is they've got the best picture quality. Outside of that, their accessories are definitely the "razor blade" bit of their line-up (high mark-up for the value but only place to get them), the battery life is consistently atrocious, and they haven't meaningfully innovated for the last couple of years. So somebody could definitely "eat their lunch" in quick order and no windows 10 mobile could hasten that.
  • to be honest.... I wasn't a big fan of the app, but that is GoPro's fault. no streaming of video above 1080P was frustrating  (i have a 950). had to frame the shot at 1080,, then switch to 4K, and hope all was well. I wil nag a friend that works for them anyways though, because I can!!!
  • Personally I couldn't care less, though I guess it's bad news for their users.
  • The war's already over folks.  We lost.  I've moved on.
  • Nobody has plans for Windows Phone
  • If they have an IOS app and they have been working with Microsoft, surely they must know about islandwood. Maybe they are planning to port the app when it is ready.
  • Why bother to access 1% of the market? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • that's assuming that 99% of all other phone users have a GoPro... doesn't work like that
  • You have to assume the rate of Go Pro ownership is steady among the platforms. I am sure GoPro knows the actual numbers and their decision is telling.
  • Just hope they don't pull from the store still works fine with my gopro, they could go microtransaction model for new camera support Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • Go pro is overrated, I bought an SJCam 5000x for only $112. Basically saving me $300 compared to the GP Hero4 Black Edition.
  • Shame on you "GO PRO"... you are not go pro you are go just some where.... as you know Professionals use Windows Ecosystem.
  • Lumia 520, #1 choice of professionals everywhere.
  • Another post with the store non link in the body and no link in "more" I'm on a mission now editorial team...
  • Smart move, GoPro!
  • For gopro being the seemingly well put together, internanionally selling product...i'm pleasantly surprised at how poor the product is. They sell products that state right on the BOX that they support windows, and but once you start using it, you find out it basically doesnt'... GoPro is kidna like apple, marketed very well, but good research will show there's plenty of other prodcuts on the market that are better. The goPro app in the store should be removed since it doesn't work in the first place. I had to tell the support contact at gropro at they have a windows store app and the box says there's an official windows app... I don't mind seeing their app/support go for right now. Hopefully the success of the Surface line will get them to make a real app. But honestly, i think i'd be taking a look at other products anyway. I've been pretty dissapointed with the performance of my Hero4 anyway
  • Not even any support for Windows apps let alone Windows phone. Tell me again how great UWP will be?