On Friday, Microsoft released the first beta of their Live Lock Screen app for Windows Phone 8.1. One of the neat aspects of the app is the ability to use custom wallpapers. Although adding your own image is in and of itself not groundbreaking, the prospects of creating images that leverage the unique clock designs is certainly enticing.

In our forums, some Photoshop enthusiasts are hard at work creating numerous backgrounds for the different clocks. A few members are posting the bare image plus the after shot to show how it looks in action on the Live Lock Screen, and there are a few gems that you may want to grab.

Even more, we would love if you have some image-creation skills to hop in that forum and show us what you got. The WPCentral community will certainly be thankful for your contribution. Simply log in to see the images and download them to your phone, add your own or if you have a great idea (but no skills), maybe suggest one for someone to make one?

WPCentral Forums – Kickoff new live lockscreen wallpapers!!

Hop into the thread above and let us see what you come up with to share!