Grand Theft Auto V PC's in-game video creator Rockstar Editor gets demoed

The PC version of Rockstar Games' open world crime action game Grand Theft Auto V will finally be released tomorrow, April 14, but today, the publisher shows off one of the PC version's exclusive features; the Rockstar Editor, which lets owners of the game create, edit and upload their own custom gameplay videos.

The video shows how owners of GTA V for the PC can start recording gameplay footage quickly from the single player campaign or from the multiplayer portion, GTA Online. There's also an Action Replay feature that quickly captures the last few seconds of gameplay to record cool stunts.

The editor feature lets users clip and string together several recorded clips into one film, and also has a number of camera filters and positions. It allows music from the game's radio stations and soundtrack to be placed in the clips, along with typed-in text. The Director Mode lets users set up a custom scene with different characters, settings, weather and modifications. Clips can then be uploaded directly to YouTube or to the Rockstar Games Social Club website.

GTA V for the PC will also include support for playing at 60 frames per second and will likely be the best looking version of the game ever released.

Source: Rockstar Games

John Callaham