Grand Theft Auto V PC's in-game video creator Rockstar Editor gets demoed

The PC version of Rockstar Games' open world crime action game Grand Theft Auto V will finally be released tomorrow, April 14, but today, the publisher shows off one of the PC version's exclusive features; the Rockstar Editor, which lets owners of the game create, edit and upload their own custom gameplay videos.

The video shows how owners of GTA V for the PC can start recording gameplay footage quickly from the single player campaign or from the multiplayer portion, GTA Online. There's also an Action Replay feature that quickly captures the last few seconds of gameplay to record cool stunts.

The editor feature lets users clip and string together several recorded clips into one film, and also has a number of camera filters and positions. It allows music from the game's radio stations and soundtrack to be placed in the clips, along with typed-in text. The Director Mode lets users set up a custom scene with different characters, settings, weather and modifications. Clips can then be uploaded directly to YouTube or to the Rockstar Games Social Club website.

GTA V for the PC will also include support for playing at 60 frames per second and will likely be the best looking version of the game ever released.

Source: Rockstar Games

John Callaham
  • Will it have first person mode?
  • Yes it will. I've got my steam pre order ready!
  • Don't you know PCs are next Gen :P
  • They're and they always be next-gen if the benchmark is the consoles
  • Pirates will start the job in no time :P
  • LOL...u r right!!!XDXDXD
  • Hell yeah xD
  • There's already 54GB PC version on XD
  • That's impossible
  • It is going to be seven DVDs. That makes it 8 times 7 , 56 GB
  • Thats crazy big!!
  • check it for yourself, details in description.
  • Release date 2013?
  • It's the Stream pre-load.
  • Is it some kind of leak?
  • I downloaded the skidrow version, just waiting for the crack. I just want to experience the game's quality and smoothness, so I can buy it.. Or not
  • Thank you
  • And what about those of us with Premiere Pro, isn't that making this editor not for us and therefore for someone like me should I just get the Xbox One version?
  • Console peasants are crying right now with all those features on the Pc.
  • Hahahahaha
  • Hardly... I can only just get 30fps on Final Fantasy 14 (PC, absolute minimum settings)... And I've got access to stuff like OBS and Premiere Pro and capture cards... So I don't see what I gain by going PC over Xbox...
  • Resolution, HD textures, first person mode, director mode, Mod community, can I stop or do you want more?
  • we have first person mode and don't care about the rest
  • I can't tell beyond 720p, can't tell between SD and HD textures, Xbox One has first person mode, director mode doesn't make up for Premiere Pro (which I have a license for), but you can have mod community.
  • You need glasses.
  • Actually no I'm told I have perfect 20/20 vision but I don't play on a huge screen which may explain why.
  • Thank you for having a license for your editing software and not being a dirtbag hack.
  • We have HD resolution, textures and first person
  • Glorious master race
  • Great, I stopped playing my ps3 version when I heard it would be out this year, i want to put my i7 CPU and NVIDIA card to good use, mainly want to play first person view
  • Bro how does it make sense to stop playing PS3 version just waiting for a PC version for months
  • Because he wants to experience the game with the best experience, and not have to replay the whole game which would probably be less interesting. 
  • And I am just here trying to run GTA San Andreas on high settings without crashing my PC...
  • Too much feels in your comment Gruu.
  • A trip to Feeladelfeeya :(
  • So glad that i've pre-ordered it 1 week ago, bring it on.
  • My PC ready for 1080p @ 60fps
  • My PC's ready for 1080p @ 5fps :P thanks to DirectX10.1 card
  • My PC's ready for 2160p @ 60fps. How do ya like 'dem apples?
  • Your graphics card??
  • 2 GTX 780s in SLI. I may have to tweak some settings (SSAO vs HBAO ambient occlusion, I'm looking at you) and turn off AA (not a big deal at 4K) to maintain 60fps but from what I've seen and read, it looks like the game is really well optimized and I should be able to pull it off. I sure hope so, at least. I can tell you that 2160p is a qualitative leap over 1080p and even 1440p
  • Yes the game is will optimised u won't have any problem running it with 2 GTX 780
  • My pc is ready, but my wallet isn't.
  • All the extra time spent on this and they cap it at 60fps? I wont be buying this because I've already played it on my 360 when it was first released. But if it was actually vamped up for PC enthusiasts I may have. Some may be like heck ya but I'm not impressed. Not yet anyways.
  • It's probably not actually capped. I have a 144hz 3D monitor in addition to my 4K tv. I'll be checking it out on both. 60hz is generally just what most people have, so it's what gets thought about and quoted.
  • I don't get it. There's barely any discernable difference between 30fps & 60fps (unless it dips under 30, that is). I doubt there's any real difference between 60fps and say 90fps
  • Discernable or not. A lot if PC gear newer stuff anyways is touted at higher fps. Especially if you were to Sli or crossfire. That all becomes wasteful spent money if games don't utilize the components ability.
  • I'm playing it right now XDXDXD
  • It's supposed to unlock on 14/04 but it's already almost 1am for me... it still doesn't unlock for another 7 hours on Steam. Boo!
  • PC games are becoming more insane by the day, hardware just can't keep up... Not like the old days. And if the hardware is keeping up, then my wallet sure isn't
  • That is right
  • If you want the absolute best fidelity, then yes, it's very fast moving and can be quite expensive. If just want to outdo the consoles, it's really quite fair and the Steam deals are amazing. I'd say you save money in the long run, but with over 150 titles in my Steam library, I'm not sure I can make that claim.
    Sometimes I feel like Randy Marsh shopping at Walmart.
  • Xbox has Ultimate game sales. I bough games for as little as €4.99.
  • I'm just waiting to see full feature films or tv series recreated with this. Can so see a breaking bad machinima with this.
  • This game runs so well. 60fps looks awesome.
  • Is the game available for download now? If yes from where?
  • Steam, obviously. Green Man Gaming & Humble Bundle too.
  • Windows master race.