GTA V PC version delayed to April 14, Heists coming to Xbox gamers March 10

There's good news and bad news for fans of Grand Theft Auto V. Rockstar Games stated today that the long awaited Heists mode for GTA Online will launch on March 10 for the console version of the game, including the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions. Sadly, the long awaited PC port of the open world action game has been delayed yet again and is now scheduled for launch on April 14.

Rockstar stated:

"Heists will bring a brand new 4-player cooperative gameplay experience to GTA Online, giving players the chance to team up to pull off a string of intense, multi-part raids and robberies across Los Santos and Blaine County. Over the next couple of weeks, we will have more information about the launch of Heists and about other new features that we will release with it."

PC gamers were previously told their version of GTA V would be launched on Jan. 27, before Rockstar announced a delay that pushed the date back to March 24. This new delay to April 14 pushes back the launch date by another three weeks. Rockstar said:

"Our apologies to PC gamers worldwide who have been counting down the days until the launch of the game, but a bit more time is needed to ensure that the game is as polished as possible, and to make certain that both Heists and the GTA Online experience are ready to roll out on day one for PC. As a gesture of thanks for your understanding, we will grant anyone who has pre-ordered the game an additional $200,000 in-game cash for use in GTA Online."

Source: Rockstar Games

John Callaham
  • Looking forward to playing again now that they have heists on the One!
  • R* sucks...
  • Uhhh... No. They don't.
  • Yes they do. The online gameplay on the XBOX One has been utter garbage since a week after it came out and Rockstar has been playing dumb blaming it on users network setup. I've opened three different support tickets and each time they give me the same crap answer. There is also a 200+ post forum on their support website with users all having the same issue that they keep burying so it doesn't get more attention. All that in addition to the fact that Heists were supposed to come out about a year ago and in game payouts are so ridiculously low players have to resort to buying over priced Shark Cards to do anything. So yeah, I think the general consensus is Rockstar sucks.
  • I would rather have it polished as max Payne 3 than as a broken assassin's creed unity..
  • Exactly. But they bettet do that now, because if they don't, that's gonna be a baaaaaad move
  • Couldn't agree with you more, I'd rather have it polished. Ubisoft really screwed the pooch this year for pc releases. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I credit Rockstar for committing to a successful launch. They know how much shit they are going to get everytime they delay, so hats off to them for taking the punch.
  • I would hold your credit giving until its actually been released. Theres nothing stopping them from delaying again.
  • More time to get a larger hard drive for my pc
  • Same thought here ;)
  • Lol and my tax return came in today so new ssd and 1tb hard drive coming my way
  • Given up waiting for the PC version now. Getting sick of the delays and excuses. I'll save my money and wait for it in a steam sale now.
  • k
  • You're so sick of waiting that you're going to wait longer now? Nice.
  • Um, ok? Why do we care about your idiotic opinion? Also you're just going to wait even longer if you buy the game in a steam sale. Nice logic, moron.
  • why not respect his opinion ? you must be feeling good to call him moron 
  • its lscstealthninja, you cant expect any good things from him
  • It's omer620, you can expect the grammar and spelling of a 4 year old.
  • 4 year old or a non english speaker? Bet you have no brain
  • I called him a moron because his logic is stupid. He's mad about waiting for the game so he's gonna wait even more for a sale. It makes no sense.
  • Actually it does make sense. He is now over the hype, so his decision to ensure that Rockstar gets less of his money, while he enjoys other things that he is excited about, is the power he has as a consumer. The wait has made the game less valuable to him. It's not a difficult thing to comprehend.
  • Not like most of us care about your opinion. Or mine for that matter, so lets just close every discussion about anything, right?
  • OR you could pre-order GTA V now and get another free game with it plus the extra cash. Though not sure If this offer is still going.
  • Lmao why did I see this coming. But when you think about it, if they would've put out an unfinished/buggy port you guys would be ready to rip them apart.. Gotta give them credit for really caring about the product they put out and the people who pay for it.
  • The thing is, that we don't know yet whether it will not be as buggy as GTA IV ;)
  • Well you do know that the version they will release will be less buggy than the one they would have in Jan
  • At least they didn't say 1 april
  • Haha!
  • Really looking forward to heists! I'm quite disappointed in the multiplayer part as it is right now.
  • I have a feeling heists are going to be disappointing. It will breath some new life into the game though so that is good.
  • Seems fair enough for the additional 200k, but man pc players must be angry for so many delays, but as they say, better late then never... And i can't wait for the heists
  • Given the time i guess there will be less bugs :)
  • Cool, gives me time to buy my new video card.. Can't wait to play GTAV with a high frame rate. Hope it isn't $60 though seeing as how this game is pretty old now.
  • Computer games tend to not go down that quickly. I would say it will probably still be 60, 50 at the least. Civ V is what, 5 years old? It was still 50 bucks up until a few months ago!  
  • the time this game actually comes out....GTA 6 will be almost ready for release on consoles. /s
  • Nooooooooooooooooooo :(
  • PC punks get thought of last!
  • This game is the at&t denim update twin brother.
  • Oh........
  • You do realize it costs them literally nothing to dish out fake in-game money.
  • Yes, but money is very important in GTA Online.
  • It may cost them nothing to give out in game money but think of the potential money they could be losing from players who buy in game money. An example would be a 200k sharkcard for $1. If 500k people out of the millions of people that will probably get this game were to buy a $1 200k sharkcard, r* would have lost 500k real money.... Just sayin I don't know about you but if I was just starting out and needed some fast cash, and didn't receive any gift money, I'd buy one....
  • Hey guys. I'm looking for someone that is willing to add me to the Xbox preview Program. It would really mean a lot to me.
    GT: DynamicWolfNLD
  • If nothing else, R* has managed to keep GTA V super relevant continuously by their delays/promises. Not a bad PR trick.
  • Will it come before 2020 .. Shall I suicide now "Denim+GTA v" enough delay !
  • I'm predicting this port will be a poor port (GTA IV) or passable
  • The last ten console release of GTA 5 was a beta, its every 5 to 8 years now when GTA is released and it hasn't even been two full years since the 360 release so aim sure you wont see another GTA until 2020 or 2023 before we get another release
  • Removing preorder and playing for free, fist time I don't buy a gta game, well done r*
  • Might as well wait for Windows 10 and make it cross platform at this point -_-
  • It's better to get it right than release a crappy product. MS take note.
  • ya at this point, the master race isnt so master anymore.
  • I mean yeah, R* earn much more money from consoles, but cmon, PC port 2 years later ? Dafuq guys ? :D
  • This is highly anticipated! I'm sure it will happen by Christmas!
  • It's about time we have a release date.
  • We've had a release date. Twice actually. Nothing is stopping Rockstar from delaying it again.
  • Drop the price to half and I'll buy the game for a second time.
  • Another delay, again. God damit Rockstar Games!
  • Does anyone know if GTA 5 for the PC will come with Xbox live achievements ? GTA 4 did.... and I got 100% on GTA 4....
  • Torrent confirmed ... Srry but i need time to polish my wallet and possible a steam sale.