Gravity Guy Secret Achievements, upcoming DLC revealed

Gravity Guy is famous for having one of the hardest Xbox Live Achievements on Windows Phone - “Perfect Run” – which requires players to beat the entire 30-level game in one go and without dying. But it also has two Secret Achievements, whose names and descriptions can’t be viewed within the game itself. Players have been trying everything from earning high scores to playing for extended hours in order to uncover those Achievements.

We’ve got good news and bad news for Gravity Guy owners. Head past the jump for the full story.

First, here are the requirements for the Secret Achievements:

  • "Finished Rescue Chapter"
  • "Finished the Rescue Chapter in one go"

See, Gravity Guy’s existing 30 level Story Mode is known as the Run Chapter.  The good news is a new 29-level campaign, the Rescue Chapter, will be added sometime between October and the end of the year. On the downside, it’s impossible to earn the two Secret Achievements until the Rescue Chapter update comes along.

Samuel Ribas, the game’s development manager, explains:

“Since I'm an avid Xbox player, I know the importance of Achievements so I wouldn't like to play more levels without achievements to unlock. We kept these two Secret Achievements so we can use them later when we release the [Rescue] Chapter.”

While Xbox 360 and Games for Windows Live PC games regularly receive extra Achievements alongside downloadable content, that restriction hasn’t been lifted for Windows Phone games yet. Thus the only way for Miniclip to give the upcoming Rescue Chapter its own Achievements was to ‘hold onto’ a couple of the game’s 20 allotted Achievements, making them available when the Chapter finally becomes available.

At the moment, players can only earn 165 out of Gravity Guy’s 200 GamerScore – an extremely unorthodox situation. Then again, only 140 of Doodle Jump’s GamerScore is unlockable due to the “UFO Abduction Survivor” Achievement being glitched, and everybody seems to love that game. In both cases, gamers simply have to wait for the developer to publish an update before they can hope to get the full 200. Besides, we’re getting a whole second campaign for Gravity Guy at no extra cost. That makes the game’s $2.99 price tag even easier to swallow than before.

Want to get cracking on that “Perfect Run” Achievement before the Rescue Chapter comes along? Our exclusive Chapter 30 map can help. Oh, you’ll need the game too! Gravity Guy is available here on the Marketplace.

Paul Acevedo

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