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Groove Music update brings lots of small interface tweaks

A relatively minor, but pretty interesting update is rolling out to the Groove Music app on Windows 10 PC and Mobile. While there are no big, flashy new features to speak of, the update introduces a number of small UI tweaks that make the app particularly more enjoyable on Mobile.

None of the changes are what you'd call major, but they should be pretty noticeable if you're a regular Groove user. Here's a quick rundown of what we've picked up on so far:

  • Removed Get Music in Store shortcut
  • Changed playlist icons to fit mobile better
  • Swapped Repeat and Shuffle buttons
  • General improvements to resume and other functions

As you can see in the comparison shots above, the Playlist section change is probably the most jarring. That said, it allows more playlists to occupy your screen space at one time, which is likely a positive thing for most people — particularly on mobile.

In any case, you should be able to pull the update down now from the Windows Store to start checking out everything that's new. If version numbers are of concern, the update bumps the app from version number 10.16102.1034.0 to 10.16122.1027.0. Let us know what you think in the comments, and shout out if you happen to notice anything else that's new or changed after updating.

Download Groove Music from the Windows Store

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  • ive got 10.16112.1024.0 :??
  • Me too. No update either.
  • I'm running Xbox Music.
  • You're trippin😂😂😂😂
    This update is nice! Looks great!
    Now, I think that OS update, earlier this week, to mobile has an audio bug... I've been having to reboot my phone to get the audio jack to output audio. Anyone else experiencing this?
  • Haha, still rockin a 1020. Never have to reboot to get audio lol.
  • Hahaha! Jokes on you! I'm rockin a Surface Phone Pro3, running Windows Infinitum, and MS has just pulled Groove from the Windows store, and now only supports iDroid.😛😛😛😛😛 Jokes on you, sucker😂😂😂
  • Is it already happy hour 🍸 in your neck of the woods man? Lucky dog!
  • It was!! Lol
  • W10M was some issues with headphones with mics. The issue is quite widespread for Lumia 950/XL owners especially. Some other phones started experiencing this with W10M, while having no problems on WP8.1.
  • Ditto 😂😂
  • I had an issue playing groove through Bluetooth whenever the app lost focus or the screen timed out. I should of tried a hard reset, but I rolled back to slow ring and the problem was fixed.
  • I have had this problem as well with my 1520 when listening to music over bluetooth in the car.  As soon as the screen times out or the Groove app loses focus the audio stops.  I just set the screen to stay on and plugged the phone in.  Bit of an inconvenience but as long as it gets fixed in future builds, it's not a huge problem.
  • Yeah, I'm on the road all day on some days. It sucked for me. Have you tried a reset?
  • Not that one but since a recent update to either the phone or the groove app music no longer resumes after taking a call while on Bluetooth headset. Worked fine a while back..
  • I had some similar issues recently. It turned out that it was my headphones that were broken.
  • I've been getting this on my PC.
  • Sometimes the sound is garbled on Groove Music and I have to restart to fix it too. I'm on the latest fast ring build on my Lumia 950xl.
  • Ive been having to do the reboot for audio since the anniversary update on my 650. I get the Xbox error in groove music, which skips tracks non stop, and no other audio outputs till i restart the phone.
  • Yes... Why does Groove decide to change tracks, without my approval, in the middle of the song?
  • It must be because you're on Insider Fast. The article says they went from 10.16102.1034.0 to 10.16122.1027.0 and I'm on the same version you are. My playlists look like the "after" rather than the "before" in the picture above.
  • The most noticeable change is the music stops playing when the app is closed from app switcher ( or whatever it is called)
  • That surprised me a lot!!
  • Yes!!!!!!!!!! I can confirm this is true!! Been waiting for that ever since Xbox music on WP7, Finally it works like a NORMAL application!!!
  • Is that a good change? Not sure.
  • It's a bug, isn't a good change at all.
  • Well of course, when you close the app music stops, how's that a bad thing?? That's how it should be.
  • Yes, it's a good change... The music still plays when you navigate away from the app.. This is good because when you close something down you intend on stopping all functions of it. Now you can do that. So, the music will never stop playing, unless you say so. If you don't want your music to stop playing then don't shut your music app down. This makes more sense, and should be the way audio behaves.. It's EXACTLY the way your Netflix, and YouTube, apps works.
  • Thank you! Finally someone understands! Apparently these 2 didn't understood.
  • @rodneyj Actually I use Metro Tube as my you tube app.  And when I select a song on you tube I actually close out the app and still listen to the song with the app closed.  So to your ascertain, that's EXACTLY how YouTube app works is wrong.  And I can actu