Grounded's 'Shroom and Doom Update' gains new fixes with 0.10.2 patch update

Grounded 0.7.1 Patch Update Image
Grounded 0.7.1 Patch Update Image (Image credit: Obsidian Entertainment)

What you need to know

  • Grounded is a unique open-world survival game currently in early access, and gets new updates constantly.
  • Today, the team at Obsidian Entertainment is releasing the 0.10.2 patch update for Grounded.
  • The patch update follows the major 'Shroom and Doom Update,' and includes a handful of important fixes.
  • Most notably, players on older PCs are less prone to crashes, and pets no longer set off traps.

Grounded has long been an impressive entry in the busy genre of best Xbox survival games, but the recently released Shroom and Doom Update certainly elevated it to a new level. Today, the team at Obsidian Entertainment is releasing Grounded's 0.10.2 patch update to all players, which includes plenty of bug fixes to make the recent content update more polished and stable.

Grounded's early access is quite active, with the game receiving regular updates with new content, features, and fixes. The 0.10.2 patch update doesn't include a staggeringly long list of changes, but it does make crashes less frequent (always an important improvement), and makes it so that pets no longer trigger traps, which would be an unfortunate way to lose a companion.

Grounded is currently available for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Game Pass. You'll find the changelog for Grounded 0.10.2 below, but we also have every Grounded changelog in one place.

The full changelog for Grounded 0.10.2 includes:

Bug fixes

Top community fixes

  • Clients who have save data from previous Grounded updates will properly have access to any new Mutations added since they first saved
  • Additional crash fixes were added

Items, equipment, & resources

  • Smoothie Station goops properly get removed from inventories when crafting a freestyle smoothie that matches an actual recipe version


  • Pets no longer trigger traps
  • Tame weevils will stay happy for longer when equipped with an item, as intended
  • Pets no longer immediately become unhappy after resting through the night

Windows 7 & Windows 8

  • The game no longer crashes when loading into the yard for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users

Xbox & Windows 10

  • Accepting a game invite while suspended will properly join the game after resuming
  • Muting a player in your friend's list no longer prevents them from text chatting with you in-game
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