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Grounded guide: All the changelogs for patches, content updates, and more

Grounded Landscape Image
Grounded Landscape Image (Image credit: Windows Central)

A game being in Early Access and Game Preview means it's going to receive a lot of updates to fix known bugs and issues, and to add new content and features for early testers. This holds true for Grounded, the latest project from video game superpower Obsidian Entertainment. Because of these frequent updates and changes, it can be hard to keep track of everything the game adds and what to expect from every update. For this reason, we're keeping an eye on it all and compiling every Grounded changelog into one handy place for our readers.

Grounded is an open-world survival game that shrinks players down to the size of insects and unleashes them in a hostile suburban backyard. With gorgeous visuals, unique environments, and incredibly fun co-op, Grounded has proven itself to be one of the best upcoming games. Grounded is currently available in early access on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC. It's also available on Xbox Game Pass.

Grounded has confidently secured its place as one of the best Xbox Game Pass games, and it goes without saying that it's also one of the best survival games for Xbox.

Here are all the changelogs for patch updates and content updates in Grounded.

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