Grounded guide: All the changelogs for patches, content updates, and more

February Content Update 0.7.0 (February 25, 2021)

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Source: Obsidian Entertainment (Image credit: Source: Obsidian Entertainment)

This content update was all about building, building, building. The February Content Update brought tons of new building types, as well as massive improvements to how players build in Grounded. A great update for anyone who loves to build fortresses and houses in games.

Official changelog from Obsidian Entertainment. Original report from Windows Central.

Crafting content features

  • Added Stair Railing: Sprig Railing, Acorn Railing
  • New Stairs Added: Acorn Spiral Stairs
  • New Scaffolding: Bracket Scaffold
  • New Floors Added: Grass Half-Floors and Weed Stem Floors
  • New Item: Firefly Hanging Lantern
  • New Item: Wall-mounted Zipline Anchor
  • New Item: Shinobi Sneeze, a smoke-screen escape item
  • Mounted Head Trophies can now be crafted for all of the flying creatures: Mosquitos, Fireflies, and Bees

Additional features

  • You can relocate any non-grid building you have made without destroying and rebuilding it (Lean-to, Storage, Workbench, etc.)
  • When you are crafting, any items in nearby storage will be available as crafting ingredients without requiring you to put them in your backpack
  • You can place hauling items (Grass Planks, Weed Stems) on Ziplines using the "Drop" action when pointing at the line
  • Player characters have new and improved stagger animations

Systems changes

  • Hunger and Thirst effects have been reworked:
    • Bonuses now activate at 80% or higher instead of 90% or higher
    • Hunger Bonus heals you over time
    • Thirst Bonus increases your stamina regen
  • Penalties now activate at 20% or lower instead of 0%:
    • Hunger Penalty caps your max stamina at 50%
    • Thirst Penalty reduces your stamina regen
  • Repair Recipes have been reworked:
    • Armor Glues have been removed
    • Armors now take ~20% of their initial ingredients to repair
    • Weapons now take 1 quartzite + a minimal amount of their initial ingredients to repair
  • Gas Masks now take durability damage in gas hazards

Combat changes

  • Bandages now heal much more HP, but over a much longer period of time
  • Mosquito Needle has the life-steal ability slightly decreased
  • Bees now have two additional attacks
  • When you are wielding both a shield and a canteen, the Block input will both drink from the canteen and block
  • Weevil shield durability doubled
  • Bratburst and Splatburst deal more damage
  • Pollen Shot now adds slightly more stun damage to bow attacks
    • Note: This is not a % chance to stun, this allows bows to deal stun damage in addition to normal damage

Interface changes

  • Lasting (applied by gear or mutations) and temporary status effects appear in the Status UI
  • Added "Any Weapon" HotPouch slot type and changed the defaults of the first four slots to be "Any Weapon" instead of "Any Melee Weapon"
  • Save games that are older than five update versions will be marked with an "Ancient Save" warning
  • The block meter is slightly smaller and scooted to the right
  • Equipped shield durability is shown in the HUD
  • Equipment rating gauges have been converted visually from a regular bar to a nugget-based bar
  • More icons are described in the Icon Legend in the OS tab
  • The 'day' count in the OS tab has been embiggened
  • More of the map screen is unlocked by default now
  • Brown and Yellow added to the icon customizer color array
  • A few additional icons added to the storage and trail marker icon customizers
  • Adjusted the storage interface for reasons
  • Adding 'analyzed' status to storage interface
  • Contrast adjustments to the Ghostmint SCA.B flavor
  • High Contrast SCA.B flavor applies a dark backing to the HUD SCA.B
  • Bringing your teen back from the hunger or thirst danger zones will cause SCA.B to play a happy sound

World changes

  • Interacting with a dropped backpack will now instantly do a loot-all action. If any items are still leftover because your inventory is full, then the dropped back UI will open
  • Removed the pre-placed zipline anchors from the paint can and the oak tree lamp
  • Thistle plants have been reworked:
    • Thorns are now harvested directly instead of requiring a hit with an axe
    • Each thistle plant no longer provides an infinite amount of thorns
    • Thorns respawn on the thistle plant after a set amount of time

Buildings changes

  • Building placement is no longer allowed while gliding, zipping, or in combat
  • Pebblet Foundations now require more pebblets than clay to build
  • Sap Dripper has been overhauled:
    • A final mesh has been created
    • The recipe has been changed to match the new mesh
    • Sap Dripper is now properly considered a wall-mounted building for placement purposes
    • Placement should be a lot more lenient, allowing easier and more consistent placing
    • Item will now spawn 1 sap every 5 hours and can hold up to 5 sap in total (previously spawned 1 sap every 24 hours)

Crafting changes

  • Berry Chunks can now be dried into berry leather on the Jerky Rack

Creatures changes

  • Larva will now explore a larger area of the backyard
  • Larva can now burrow
  • Creatures now take much longer to fully regen when out of combat
  • Gnats should be less interested in spamming the player with boops

Top community fixes

  • Fixed Fireflies not flying down to the yard correctly after loading a game
  • The game will no longer lag when placing or removing buildings on saves with huge numbers of buildings
  • Grid buildings can no longer be placed entirely under the terrain
  • Fixed save game screenshots sometimes looking corrupt
  • Fixed "Toggle Crouch" option sometimes not saving and taking effect

Game fixes

  • Land-only buildings can no longer be placed on water in certain situations
  • Buildings such as Fences and Ramps will no longer snap strangely to subsequent buildings
  • The underside of a Buoyant Foundation can no longer support other structures
  • Palisades will no longer be invalid when placed on some rock surfaces
  • Diagonal walls at 90-degree angles will now support each other
  • Walls will no longer randomly lose crenellations when loading a save
  • Fixed a few cases where snapped structures might be incorrectly detected as invalid
  • BURG.L Quest UI will load correctly for clients when they are the first player to access it
  • CPU / Networking performance improvements by the flooded sprinkler area
  • Multiple overlapping gas hazards no longer stack their damage
  • Removing the 'O' binding from the inventory screen that opened the deprecated inspection popup

Items, equipment, & resources fixes

  • Feathers and Hedge Berries will no longer occasionally disappear when loading a save
  • Ziplines will no longer block flying creatures
  • Sap Catchers can no longer be placed on Buoyant Foundations
  • Fixed consumed items not showing up on your character model in the inventory screen
  • Fin Flops+ now behave properly when dropped from the player's inventory

Creatures fixes

  • Fixed several cases where mosquitos would sleep in incorrect locations
  • Flying creatures are now much less shy about flying through the grass
  • Creatures will now wake up when damaged by hazards
  • Creatures properly fade out at far distances for clients now
  • TAYZ.T's in the pond lab will be more aware of their surroundings
  • Fixed sleeping creatures teleporting on clients after they've been woken up (most visible if you wake up a Wolf Spider from sleeping)
  • Reduced the annoyingness of gnats

UI fixes

  • The camera will no longer start in first-person when loading a save in which the player was gliding or zipping
  • "Inventory Full" will no longer be misleadingly displayed when trying to haul an item while swimming
  • Fixed some scrolling and display issues in the "Recipes Used In" section on the Crafting screen

Audio fixes

  • 'Theft in progress' SFX played upon opening the UI while in combat has been replaced with new SFX
  • SCA.B crying about hunger and thirst will play a specific sound for each instead of a single sound for both

Xbox fixes

  • Fixed audio issues after suspend / resume

Steam fixes

  • Logging into an Xbox Live account that was previously logged into with a different Steam account will no longer fail the login step
  • Removed HDR tab from the Options screen

Microsoft Store fixes

  • When there is a new update available, the game will properly tell you when trying to access Multiplayer instead of presenting a generic "Multiplayer Error" message
  • Removed HDR tab from the Options screen

Patch update 0.7.1 (March 1, 2021)

Grounded Screenshot Combat Haze

Source: Obsidian Entertainment (Image credit: Source: Obsidian Entertainment)

Official changelog from Obsidian Entertainment. Original report from Windows Central.

Top community fixes

  • Fixed a host crash that can happen when clients quickly harvest mushrooms
  • Potential crash fix related to BURG.L Quests for clients
  • Fixed an issue where you could not repair items using resources from nearby storage containers
  • Potential fix for zipline angles being incorrect for clients

Game fixes

  • Optimized CPU performance when lots of Lean-tos, Beds, or Armor Dummies have been built
  • Reduced framerate hitching upon loading into the backyard

Items, equipment, & resources fixes

  • Fixed the Healbasa not consistently working
  • Adjustment to the look of Weed Stem floors
  • Fixed Pollen Shot status effect from the Bee armor not working correctly

UI fixes

  • Fixed the durability bar not showing up in the Repair window
  • Fixed some texture popping on dirty lab doors

Audio fixes

  • Water droplets will now properly play their sound effects and visual effects when falling from a grass blade

Patch update 0.7.2 (March 5, 2021)

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Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

Official changelog from Obsidian Entertainment. Original report from Windows Central

Top community fixes

  • Buildings can now be placed with a controller while looking at interactables
  • Clients can now correctly place base building blueprints on top of other base buildings
  • Fixed a crash related to rotating buildings while relocating as a client
  • Fixed a crash related to hovering over unbuilt ziplines
  • Fixed a crash related to beginning zipline creation
  • Fixed a crash when the host exits the game with the map open

Game fixes

  • Fixed a rare crash when a loot bag is dropped from a character who is leaving the game
  • The Repair Item window will no longer assume you have enough ingredients when you do not
  • Dropping items by dragging them onto your character in Inventory will no longer prevent Tab from closing the screen
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