Grounded 0.6.2 patch update releases, fixes tons of bugs with flying insects and more

Grounded Landscape Image
Grounded Landscape Image (Image credit: Obsidian Entertainment)

What you need to know

  • Grounded has dropped its latest patch update, 0.6.2, for players in the Grounded early access.
  • This newest update resolves more issues and problems with the recent January Content Update.
  • Grounded recently added flying insects like bees, mosquitos, and fireflies to the game.
  • Players on Xbox and PC can download the 0.6.2 patch update right now.

Grounded is following on the heels of the very recent 0.6.1 update with the latest 0.6.2 patch update. The newest update to come to Grounded's early access aims to resolve more issues with the January Content Update. Expect numerous fixes for flying insects, crashes, and more.

Grounded is an open-world survival game that has the merits to eventually make it to our list of Best Survival Games for Xbox. Grounded is currently available for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC. To get the best experience out of Grounded and its plethora of insects and audio, invest in one of the Best Headsets for Xbox Series X|S.

The full changelog for Grounded's 0.6.2 patch update includes:

Bug fixes

Top community issues

  • Applied a fix for a random client crash dealing with joining / respawning
  • Fixed random client crash that can occur when doing hold button interacts
  • Included a fix for random client crashes when dealing with Plank Pallet and Stem Pallet replications
  • A fix was found to prevent random crashes when interacting with the map screen
  • Fixed a crash that occurred on clients when destroying buildings
  • Found a fix for clients not being able to unset their Respawn Point
  • Fixed an issue with buildings sometimes being placed on the floor above the current floor you are on in your base


  • Buildings that are damaged will not display as full health when clients load in
  • Thrown items should no longer be occasionally thrown in directions you aren't facing
  • Improved building placement functionality to help prevent issues with placing the Palisade Wall

Items / equipment / resources

  • You can now drink from a canteen while holding a shield


  • Ants are no longer endlessly intrigued by you. They will eventually get bored of you and move on with their lives
  • Ants will no longer aggro when you harvest Crow Feathers
  • Added staggers onto flying creatures for when you hit them
  • Fireflies should stick to a better schedule and be more reliable during night time when returning to the yard


  • Improved Firefly audio



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