Grounded is already releasing a second patch for the Pond Update

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What you need to know

  • Grounded is an open world survival game from Obsidian Entertainment, currently in early access.
  • The game just released its biggest update yet to the public, with the Pond Update.
  • Being such a major update, the Pond Update does have its fair share of bugs and needed improvements.
  • Less than a day after the first patch, Grounded is already releasing a second patch update, 0.4.2.

The Grounded team has had an incredibly busy week, from releasing the positively massive Pond Update, to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S enhancements at the same time, to the 0.4.1 patch update last night, and now with the latest 0.4.2 patch update that's rolling out just in time for the weekend. The recently released Pond Update was the largest Grounded has seen yet, and that means a host of new issues and problems that need to be fixed before the next content update in Grounded's early access.

In case you missed it, Grounded is free to play on Steam all weekend. Grounded isn't fully released yet, but when it is it's stand a great chance of becoming one of the Best Survival Games for Xbox.

The 0.4.2 patch update includes some fixes for all platforms, but also Xbox and Windows specific fixes, mostly regarding saves. The full changelog includes:

Fixes - All platforms

  • Fixed the large frame drops that could happen when approaching the pond
  • Opening the save / load screen when you have a lot of saves will no longer take multiple seconds to open
  • Fixed issue where clients that join the game or respawn on top of a base building structure or on a base floor could fall through the world
  • Fixed issue where sometimes trying to jump onto a lily pad could cause you to fall through the pond as if the water wasn't there

Xbox One / Xbox One S

  • Fixed the out of video memory crash that happens when approaching the pond or oak tree area.
  • Fixed issue where creating a manual save in the Save / Load screen could cause an out of memory crash on the Xbox One and Xbox One S

Xbox and Microsoft Store

  • Fixed some issues with manual saves and client player data not syncing from the cloud correctly



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