Growing popularity pushes Windows Phone to second place sales spot in Russia

According to a report out of Russian tech blog Siliconrus, Windows Phone sales in Russia for the first five months of 2015 have increased by 106% over the same period last year, pushing Windows Phone to the second place spot for sales in that time frame.

According to analysts, sales of Windows Phones in the first five months amounted to 690,000 units, representing 8% of smartphones sold over the time period. The increase in popularity is likely due to an increase in sales from the budget segment, with the most popular Windows Phone devices being the Lumia 530, 535, and 630.

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Of particular note is that sales of Android devices stood still for the first time, accounting for 85% of smartphone sales. While the 8% share of sales on the part of Windows Phones in Russia is relatively minor in comparison, it appears that popularity is rising and possibly nipping at the toes of Android in the budget segment.

Source: Siliconrus; Via Thanks for the tip, Dimitry!