A Halo Infinite Craig plushie may be coming soon, and we want to buy one

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite (Image credit: Windows Central)

If you've been following the development of Halo Infinite, there's a very good chance that you've heard of "Craig," a nickname affectionately given to a Brute from the game's initial gameplay reveal at the 2020 Xbox Games Showcase. Back then, Halo Infinite's graphics were looking less-than-stellar, and the closeup view that fans got of Craig's weirdly textured and deadpan face as Master Chief thwacked him with his rifle was nothing short of hilarious. Images of the frame began to circulate like a spreading fire, and in what felt like an instant, Craig the Brute was the spiciest meme on the internet.

Instead of shying away from the meme, Microsoft and 343 Industries embraced the community joke, with the Head of Xbox Phil Spencer even joking that Craig had become Xbox's official mascot. Now that Halo Infinite is looking fantastic based on what we saw at the Xbox E3 2021 show, Craig's representation of the game's poor graphics is a relic of the past — although he's still remembered fondly by the gaming community. And soon, it sounds like Craig may break out into the merch market with plushies.

While responding to a fan on Twitter, Head of 343 Industries Bonnie Ross commented that "A Craig plushie would be nice...," which we think could be a big hint about Craig plushies that might come later this year. If Craig plushies really are coming, there had better be a lot of them in production, as Craig is a very popular Brute and we expect lots of Halo fans will want him as a collectible (everyone at Team Windows Central included).

If a Craig plushie was released, would you buy one? Let us know. Halo Infinite will hopefully be one of the best Xbox games ever, and we're looking forward to playing it extensively when it comes to Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One consoles, and Windows 10 (and Windows 11) PCs later this year. You can preorder the game now for $60, but keep in mind that if you're only interested in the multiplayer, it will be completely free-to-play. There's also a Halo Infinite beta coming in Summer 2021 you can sign up for (check our guide on how to sign up for Halo Infinite's beta for more details).

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