Halo Infinite is fixing this fan-favorite campaign glitch in Season 2

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Fans of Halo Infinite are eagerly awaiting the game's second season, which will feature two new multiplayer maps as well as new modes, playlists, and a brand new Battle Pass. Unfortunately, while the developers giveth, they also taketh away; 343 Industries' Senior Community Manager John "Unyshek" Junyszek has announced that when Season 2 goes live on May 3, a fix for Halo Infinite's beloved Scorpion Gun glitch in the game's campaign will be deployed.

For the uninitiated, the Halo Infinite Scorpion Gun is a glitched handheld version of the cannon found on Scorpion tanks. Players can acquire it in Halo Infinite's Outpost Tremonius mission by activating a datapad found on top of a crashed ship and then standing on the barrel of a nearby gun battery. Like regular Scorpion cannons, the Scorpion Gun has infinite ammo — but the catch is that if you ever drop or swap it out for a different weapon, the Scorpion Gun can't be picked up again.

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The Halo community quickly fell in love with the Scorpion Gun glitch shortly after Halo Infinite released, and as a result, many are confused about why 343 Industries has chosen to remove it with the arrival of Halo Infinite Season 2. It's true that the Scorpion Gun makes completing a Legendary run of Halo Infinite with all skulls on (LASO) easier, but LASO is still difficult even with the weapon.

The developers haven't explained why the glitch is being patched, but so far, the Halo community's reaction to the fix has been overwhelmingly negative. Ultimately, I don't really see how the Scorpion Gun glitch was harming the game, and it's a shame to see something so fun and enjoyable get placed on the chopping block. Perhaps the developers will share more details about why the Scorpion Gun is being axed soon.

The Halo Infinite campaign is available now for $60 on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and Windows PCs. It's one of the best Xbox shooters ever made, so you should definitely pick it up and give it a shot.

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  • Glad I got the LASO achievement out the way. If the devs want it out, that is on them, it is their game. I can understand the fact that it makes achievements easier can upset some people. I got my regular Legendary run without using the glitch, so to me I did mine "legitimately". I think that the LASO while apparently easier than other games is just unfair since it doesn't even tell you when checkpoints happen so I had no qualms about using it on that one. To each their own though.
  • It's a glitch, it should be fixed. It's their game, their design and their vision. Do people throw a tantrum over anything these days?
  • As far as I can tell... yes.
  • Seriously, this. 10char
  • The thing is it is in the game. It's a fun glitch that does not affect multiplayer. It reminds me of the Scarab gun in Halo 2. A shame they're removing it... Unless "fixed" means you're going to see the weapon now? One can hope.
  • Are people questioning a glitch fixed by a developer?
  • Yes, because gamers.
  • This glitch is the reason Halo Infinite speedruns are a joke to watch. I'm happy they are doing something to make the game more authentic to anyone looking for an easy way out. Then again, if someone wants to pay 60$ for a game and then cheat to win it, it's their loss I guess.
  • Speedruns are always a joke to watch. And I don't mean this in a favorable sense.