Halo Infinite: How to get 20th Anniversary rewards

Xbox 20 Years Celebration Halo Hero
Xbox 20 Years Celebration Halo Hero (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

The Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta has officially gone live for all players on Xbox and PC as part of Microsoft and 343 Industries' celebration of the 20th Anniversary for both Xbox and Halo. Alongside the beta itself, the developers at 343 are also offering all players an opportunity to earn 20th Anniversary-themed cosmetics that they can use throughout their Halo Infinite career.

Here's a complete guide to the Halo Infinite 20th Anniversary rewards, including how you can obtain them yourself before they become unavailable as well as a look at what the cosmetics are.

How to get Halo Infinite 20th Anniversary rewards

Source: Xbox Game Studios (Image credit: Source: Xbox Game Studios)

To get all of the Halo Infinite 20th Anniversary rewards, all you have to do is log into the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta by Nov. 22, 2021 while signed into your Xbox account. Doing so will automatically add all of the 20th Anniversary rewards to your customization inventory, which can then be used at any time moving forward.

If you don't sign into the game by Nov. 22, you won't be able to obtain the 20th Anniversary rewards anymore. It's possible that the developers will add a new way to acquire them in the future, but we don't recommend banking on that!

What are the Halo Infinite 20th Anniversary rewards?

In terms of what the 20th Anniversary rewards actually include, fans can expect the following cosmetic items:

  • Platinum Anniversary Coatings (Armor, AR, and Warthog)
  • I Love Bees Emblem
  • Assembled Emblem
  • Heart Emblem
  • Blue Team Weapon Charm

All of these rewards celebrate various parts of Halo's history as one of the best Xbox shooters, and can be viewed in the images above. Note that even though the Platinum Anniversary coating is usable on Spartan armor, the Assault Rifle, and the Warthog, the color of the coating is a metallic green on armor and the Warthog but it's an olive/gray drab on the Assault Rifle.

The Halo Infinite Multiplayer Beta is available now for free on both Xbox and PC. For more information on how to download the game and get your 20th Anniversary rewards, refer to our guide on how to download and play Halo Infinite on Xbox and PC right now.

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