Halo Infinite: What are FOBs and Valor?

Halo Infinite
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The Banished are one of the deadliest factions that Master Chief has ever had to face. However, while you're exploring the open world of Zeta Halo, rescuing surviving UNSC troops, and reclaiming positions that Banished forces took over shortly before the events of the Halo Infinite campaign, are some of the best ways to even those odds.

By capturing Forward Operating Bases (FOBs) and accruing special Valor points, you can help the UNSC fight back against the Banished, which in turn will make it easier to complete Halo Infinite's main campaign missions. But how exactly do FOBs and Valor work? In this guide, we'll go over everything you need to know about FOBs and Valor, including what they are, how you can capture or obtain them, and what benefits they offer.

What are Halo Infinite FOBs?

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FOBs are small UNSC outposts that can be found scattered all over Halo Infinite's open world. At the start of the campaign, each FOB on the map will be controlled by a large number of Banished troops. These troops will defend the FOB if the player chooses to attack, and some of them will also dynamically patrol nearby areas. These enemy-controlled FOBs are shown as a large red diamond on the map with a white silhouette of the outpost's main platform in the center.

If you're able to kill all enemies near a FOB, you can take it back for the UNSC by hacking a terminal on the FOB's main platform. Once you do this, the FOB's icon on the map will change to a blue circle with the UNSC logo, and UNSC Marines will begin spawning at and around the base shortly afterward. UNSC troops will also begin patrolling the surrounding area, much like the Banished did.

FOBs that you've captured offer numerous benefits to the player, including the following:

  • A fast travel point
  • Four weapon spawners
  • A vehicle spawner
  • UNSC Marines that will follow you and ride in vehicles
  • Map locations of collectibles in nearby areas

What is Halo Infinite Valor?

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Halo Infinite's Valor system is essentially a quantification of how much of Zeta Halo the player and their UNSC allies have managed to take back from the Banished. Over the course of the campaign, players will have numerous opportunities to earn more Valor. The following are some of your best shots at scoring more Valor in-game.

  • Capturing FOBs
  • Rescuing squads of UNSC troops in the open world
  • Killing Banished High-Value Targets
  • Completing main story missions

As players earn Valor, they'll be able to spawn in weapons, vehicles, and grenades at UNSC-controlled FOBs for use in the open world and story missions. Additionally, Valor also dictates how many UNSC Marines spawn at friendly FOBs and what weapons they use in combat. The more Valor a player has, the larger their arsenal will become (we'll go over all of the specific Valor unlocks in the next section).

List of all Halo Infinite Valor unlocks

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As you earn more Valor throughout the campaign, you'll unlock more powerful weapons and vehicles that can be called in at FOBs. Additionally, more Marines will spawn at FOBs, and they'll also use more powerful pieces of equipment. These tiers unlock upon reaching specific Valor milestones, all of which directly translate to new ways to tackle Banished forces. Here's a full breakdown of every Valor unlock in the game, including what the unlocks are, as well as how much Valor you'll need for them.

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UnlockValor Requirement
MK50 Sidekick0
MA40 Assault Rifle400
Assault Marines (Assault Rifle)450
M9 Frag Grenade550
CQS48 Bulldog600
Breacher Marine (Bulldog)650
VK78 Commando900
Scout Marine (Commando)1,000
BR75 Battle Rifle1,100
Heavy Assault Marine (Battle Rifle)1,200
S7 Sniper Rifle1,500
Sniper Marine (Sniper Rifle)1,600
M41 SPNKr1,700
Demolition Marine (SPNKr)1,800
MLRS-2 Hydra2,100
Striker Sidekick (More damage)2,200
Longshot Assault Rifle (tighter spread)2,300
Convergence Bulldog (more ammo capacity, less spread)2,400
Impact Commando (more ammo and range, less accuracy)2,700
Battle Rifle Breacher (more damage)2,800
Flexfire Sniper (higher ammo capacity and fire rate)2,900
Pursuit Hydra (faster target lock and rockets)3,000
Rocket Hog3,200

The Halo Infinite campaign is available now for $60 on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and Windows PCs. It's one of the best Xbox shooters ever made, so you should definitely pick it up and give it a shot.

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