Hands on with the new Black Walnut and Light Oak shells from Mozo for the Lumia 950 and 950 XL

Alongside unleashing a new set of colorful shells for the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, Mozo has also released a set of wooden replacement back covers that might suite those who are looking for a more 'serious' kind of shell. We've already taken a good look at the colorful shells from Mozo, so today we're going hands on with Mozo's new Black Walnut and Light Oak shells for the Lumia 950.

Black Walnut

In what must be my favorite Mozo shell yet, the Black Walnut design and feel is absolutely fantastic. Made from real wood, the Black Walnut shell features a matte black soft-touch rim found on the original black-leather shell, and plastic buttons coated in metal-like paint to give it a premium feel. The camera module and flash are surrounded by the same matte black soft-touch material, giving the shell an all round design style that fits perfectly with the 950.

Light Oak

The Light Oak shell is also a pretty sexy replacement back cover, featuring a much lighter tone of wood. Again, sporting real oak wood, the shell is surrounded by that matte black soft-touch material, something I actually really like on these shells, much more than the metal-coated rims found on the older Mozo shells. Both covers are pretty much identical, other than the different colors used for the wood. Overall, very nicely designed and aesthetically pleasing.

Use and Feel

Both shells feel absolutely fantastic in the hand. Considering they're real wood, you can feel the wooden texture when running your finger along the back of the shell. I've noticed the Black Walnut shell feels a little 'rougher' compared to the Light Oak shell, almost as if it wasn't sanded down as much. Since it is real wood, the wood cut out for the shell will be different for everybody, so the wooden grain pattern you get will be different for everybody.

Unlike the 950 XL, which users have complained about having poor button clicky-ness, the Lumia 950 suffers from no such problem. Each button clicks down well, with no complaints on my behalf. It's likely Mozo changed how the buttons work on the 950 XL due to the XL's odd button placement, making it easier for users to feel which button is being pressed without looking. Unfortunately, that makes the lock-unlock button feel mushy, and something users are not pleased with.

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As already mentioned, this isn't an issue on the 950 as the button placement is more traditional and therefore is not needed. All buttons have a satisfactory click down and feel great when doing so.

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Have you tried the Mozo wood replacement covers? Let us know what you think in comments and whether you recommend them.

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