Microsoft's new version of Edge is currently in development internally, with a public preview expected within the next couple of weeks. But, a couple of weeks is a long time for die-hard fans who just want to see what the new version of Edge looks like, so today we've got an exclusive hands-on video for you, showcasing everything new in the early preview builds.

Our hands-on is of an early, pre-release build of the MIcrosoft Edge web browser. Features such as set tabs aside and the ability to ink directly onto webpages are currently not available in this initial preview builds, and will likely show up in a future update. First impressions of these early preview builds are very good. Performance and stability appear to be very good, with webpages like YouTube loading up quickly with no lag or hanging.

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There's better PWA support, a better password manager, the ability to use Chrome extensions from the Chrome web store, and whole lot more. What are you most looking forward to with the new Microsoft Edge? Let us know in the comments.