Hands on with the OneDrive 4.1 update for Windows Phone

Those who already have the Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers are going to be happy with the recent OneDrive update. Version 4.1 is a big deal because it answers the “cannot save to OneDrive” complaints we’ve been seeing at the Windows Phone 8.1 forums. Haven’t installed the update yet? Head past the break to watch our hands-on video and walkthrough.

What’s new in version 4.1:

  • Now looks great on large screen phones
  • Upload multiple photos, videos and files at once
  • New immersive view for viewing and managing photos
  • Open files from OneDrive in other apps
  • Share files to OneDrive from other apps
  • Sort files and folders
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

While the OneDrive app itself looks great, we love the things it can do in other places on Windows Phone. For example, you can share single or multiple photos to OneDrive from the photo gallery. Select the destination folder in OneDrive and then click the add button to upload. Make sure you have the upload option to “original” if you do not want your photos to be resized.

Thanks to the new feature that lets us share files to OneDrive from other apps, we were able to upload a couple of PDF files from Pocket Explorer, a new file explorer for Windows Phone 8.1. Have a few ringtones? You can upload those, too.

While you are able to upload videos to OneDrive, we have noticed it’s not possible the other way around. It looks like videos stored on OneDrive cannot be downloaded to your phone. You are able to play the videos, though.

We love the new update for OneDrive, but the core functionality has stayed the same. OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) easily stores and shares photos, videos, documents, and more. When you upload photos or videos from your Windows Phone to OneDrive, you can get to them when you’re on your PC, Mac, tablet, or phone.

OneDrive is a free download from the Windows Phone Store. Go download it now and let us know what you think!

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Mark Guim

Mark Guim is Video Editor at Windows Central. He switched to Windows because the MacBook Pro isn't Pro enough. You can follow him on Twitter at @markguim.

  • Does someone know how to upload a tagged picture like before?
  • Unfortunately and inexplicably that feature has been removed..was a great feature as well as comments etc...love to hear why that was removed and if it will return
  • Thanx Mark! Now I can rid of the room thingy.
  • That was a great workaround!
  • Hi Mark, if I may ask, does Onedrive upload full resolution pictures now? Wasn't so before so never uploaded a photo with Onedrive before. I would like to know if this has changed. Thanks.
  • Hi kenzibit. Now, the full resolution pictures, are uploaded automatically to OnDrive, but with the same file name as a low resolution, It means that you'll have a WP_date_time_Pro.jpg 10MB size and not WP_date_time_Pro.jpg 1.5MB, seems like picture WP_date_time_Pro__highres.jpg are renamed to WP_date_time_Pro.jpg. I have Lumia 1020 of course. BR.
  • Wow...that sounds great....meaning I can upload any of my pictures without any worries??
  • Right, well, it starts when I upgraded to 8.1 DP, I don't know if it works on the same way with 8.0.
  • Full screen photo viewing finally! But there still seems to be a bug with photo viewing in OneDrive app. I often get stuck with a blank screen with dots scrolling by. Also, prefetching seems less efficient. I used to be able to swipe fast for the next photo or two but now there's some delay.
  • I still can't uninstall my OneDrive since I updated to 8.1. None responsive. I might have to do a reset.
  • OneDrive can't be uninstalled, like Video or Music.
  • I think that with the WP8.1 update, the OneDrive app is now part of the system.
  • Love the update.. As far as wp8.1 still can't save email attachments. I know some show in the office hub. Go Microsoft!
  • Do you have Adobe Reader?
  • Anyone else getting double saved pictures and double camera roll when going to photos then albums then OneDrive?
  • Yes I'm getting this and I'm having thumbnails of pictures that no longer exist showing on folders.
  • Yes... Unfortunately :'(
  • Not that old problem again. I used to get that. I'm assuming you have a SD card? Problem is linked to that. There is a huge thread in the MS forums about it, no tea solution apart from don't use the SD card :(
  • No, I do not have an SD card.
  • Yes check my topic in the forum. Very annoying.
  • The update has so much improvements...But i want the transparent tile for WP8.1 :D
  • ^THIS^
  • +[Lumia model number]
  • +520 :D
  • :D
  • This update is powerful hands down people can count Microsoft or all they want but they are on the rise stronger than ever
  • , & . Nuf said
  • I was just checking out the app
  • Can you download files to your phone yet?
  • Of course not, why would Microsoft want to actually use the "Downloads" folder on people's phones' internal storage?
  • I never had problems downloading stuff. Usually it opens with Adobe Reader. Lecture notes, flyers, syllabus, etc. There are browsers that can save video too
  • Looks like we can't. I have my purchased music on OneDrive and would love to be able to make it available offline (by downloading it), but it's still impossible with this update...
  • That's what I want to be able to do as well
  • Fantastic.  I was caught off guard with some of the missing features in the 8.1 update.  However, I am more than satisfied with how fast they are picking away at them.
  • Still waiting for when you can stream your music from one drive, come on please give me it.
  • This. You think they would have done this by now. Maybe they are trying to force us to get an Xbox music pass.
  • This times 1000! The music not available in Spotify,I buy it and place it on OneDrive, then I would love to stream it or make it available offline. Not possible yet.
  • Mark - don't forget you can also view on your Xbox (re: last sentence in penultimate paragraph)
  • Finally, I can now share pictures from the Nokia camera app to OneDrive. Nice to see things coming together before it goes public.
  • Aren't pictures automatically saved to OneDrive?
  • Only if you have autoupload enabled.
  • Out of interest, why would you not have it enabled?
  • For example if you do not store documents and pictures in the Cloud, or if you have a low amount of data available in your plan.
  • As far as I go, because I don't have my data connection always on. I have a limited data plan and I have no reason to pay the exorbitant amounts Vodafone charges for them. I rather just connect the phone to the PC or tablet and remove the photos manually.
  • Same, but I choose the setting to upload on wifi
  • You can, like I do, set to automatically upload only when you're at home on Wi-Fi.
  • Is OneDrive now a system app because I can't uninstall it.
  • It's not, but it's an uninstall-able app.
  • It is no longer uninstall-able. At least on my L920.
  • Yay my OneDrive works. MS is working hard getting 8.1 on track
  • Waiting for the day when i get to see OneDrive as an option under music sources on the music app :)
  • Agreed. Also hoping this addressed the "can't recognize file format" error I would sometimes get on onedrive when trying to open an MP3 of all things.
  • Can't uninstall OneDrive :/
  • Why would you want to? Maybe they make part of the OS.
  • I tried uploading a few pictures while I was on call, I it crashed and rebooted the phone.
  • Me too.  I had battery saver on (not sure if that was the issue) and it caused my 820 to restart.
  • Still waiting for 2 things:
    1. Make the Windows 8.1 OneDrive app universal so we get the File Manager
    2. Put an option for a transparent tile for those that want it.
  • Yes, I was hoping this update would make it a local file manager.  I suspect it will be coming.  This is still a great step forward.
  • It would ok if I could get it to download to my 920. I'm having trouble's.
  • The popping sound when skipping through the video kills the mood for me.
  • ^920
  • Now that this is getting some love, I hope the team has plans to pivot to the office suite. It's got some MASSIVE feature gaps, I find myself struggling with the web app on my 1520 to accomplish anything worthwhile.
  • App is toooo slow when loading pictures, etc.
  • In Windows Phone 8.0 Black, its updated to only version 3.6 which brings the above features plz note this point Daniel. Only Windows Phone 8.1 are receiving the Updated version 4.1 :)
  • Good lord! Hallaluhah! I can finally sort in a OneDrive app!
  • Why the hell can't you download gifs to your freakin' phone?
  • Step 4 lower Xbox one to 399 and I am in
  • Where you two weeks ago? Step 4 has already taken place (well with a couple store sales) I bought couple of Xbox One consoles at Target for $449 each. That deal included Titanfall and one year of Xbox Live. My brother picked up the same package but with Forza instead of Titanfall. So in all it was actually was a lot less then $399 with bonus items.
  • Where's the upload option?
  • WP is getting better by the day
  • Oh, you can send a OneDrive doc direct to a text message now! I've wanted that for a long time.
  • Nice!
  • One simple question: How do you sign out from OneDrive Mobile?  I can't find the 'Sign Out' on the screen.
  • See my post....
  • Just a pity that Microsoft hasn't made their apps to support the transparent theme.
  • Forever SkyDrive.
  • Why can't we log out of,the OneDrive client?!?!?!? You need to open up OneDrive on phones IE, logout there, login to your other account and then use the OneDrive app. Used to be so easy to log out and login on previous versions....so frustrating....
  • App is now using the integration with the Accounts Settings API, I'm assuming, same as in Windows.
  • I opened up the IE.  It wanted me to sign in with the MS Account.  So I did and then I signed out OneDrive as you mentioned. But when I went back to OneDrive client.  I found that I'm still logged in.  Just can't get out of OneDrive. Did I do anything wrong?
  • It takes the login that you have used on your phone, not on the website.
  • Cuz SAO that's why we are stuck in a world without log out buttons, and security risk... Scary
  • Hey, that's what my battery meter looks like all the time since the 8.1 update!
  • I was really expecting you to burst out in a "shut up I'm filming a review" tirade at the people in the background though.lol So disrespectful.lol
  • How do we comment on our photos or videos?
  • My Lumia 1020 looks sluggish compared to ICON. 
  • Interesting that, in 8.1 you can set the Nokia Camera Autoupload function to upload the "Best Quality" files and that, with that setting on, the photos from my 1020 going into SkyDrive camera roll are high res 8-12 MP, whereas that files uploaded manually through this updated OneDrive app are NOT full resolution.    But, what is great is that you can do file managment with this app, moving FULL resolution files from folder to folder. 
  • At last a video. Exactly what I wanted!
  • Niiiice!!
  • I saw some articles saying that there is better video sharing with onedrive but i've only been able to see this when using a desktop browser. When i try to view my onedrive videos on the phone, they seem to be playing at full res and not continuous. For this reason, i've always still kept the good videos on my phone (eating up space). has anyone been able to see adaptive streaming in action on the windows phone client?  "In theory video-sharing via SkyDrive has been great, but in practice it sometimes left something to be desired. That's because video files can be quite sizable, and someone who's streaming one of your shared videos to a mobile phone via a slow 3G connection can have trouble and delays while viewing it. OneDrive very cleverly solves the problem. When someone wants to watch a video you're sharing with OneDrive, OneDrive detects the speed of their connection and encodes the video accordingly, delivering a lower-quality video over slow connections, and higher-quality video over faster connections."
  • ^ 920 this, video playing is choppy.
  • One feature, I want is able download videos from OneDrive to phone. Other platforms have this. Why not WP!!!!
  • And music too
  • application closes when trying to share a photo gallery, choose the folder where to save the photo, and try to restart the phone again, lumia 520 8.1
  • This video show only the functionality of the share contract, but not the file picker contratcs. Try to make an upload from IE, you will see that Onedrive icon and if you tap on it you'll be able to select file directly from Onedrive. For now if you try to do this with IE you have a crush but Microsft will fix it, with other apps that crash don't happens and you're able to select file. This is not valid only for OneDrive but every apps can operate as a provider for other apps
  • Updated to support 8.1 but the start screen tile isn't transparent? C'mon Microsoft...One Drive tile lives at the bottom of my start screen with my other non-transparent tiles.
  • The idea is NOT that all tiles must be transparent. Would look very boring imo.
  • First, who says?  Second, that's why there should be an option to turn the feature on or off for each app. I DO believe the idea is to allow the user to have their start screen look the way they want, and I want the first screen of my start screen transparent.  I also want OneDrive in that first screen.  Too much to ask? The main point being most of the MS app tiles in 8.1 ARE transparent, so why not OneDrive?
  • How about pinning notebooks & pages in OneNote Microsoft? Seems so simple!
  • Not able to open files in onedrive ,when go to fix th
    at bug?
  • Why not bing drive, onedrive has no meaning. I hope they're more generous to give 15gb like gdrive. I accept some ad if it's necessary.
  • Rotation animation looks broken to me...
  • This update not supporting to open folders in windows phone
  • Hey MS why no app update changelog, cheeky boys
  • 8.1 is simply superior to what the iShit by apple has. This has innovation written all over it unlike that piece of gorilla poo same ol regurgitated pos for the last several years. The naysayers and the whiners will always whine and do be it.
  • Yea superior as in being still a bug paradise.
  • I have not encountered any issues on 8.1 unlike some frequent complainerz
  • I can't upload any pictures to onedrive Even after the update...
  • The OneDrive section under photos is a mess! Everything double and some weird albums.
  • ugh...indeed!!
  • First fix photo app.
    1. Panoramic background
    2. Blank space after deleting photo.
  • OMG! Finally shortened links!!!
  • Interesting, however browsing onedrive folders via built-in Office on Windows Phone seems faster for some reason.
  • Still 2GB filesizelimit..... Now with HD1080P recorders, that filesize is a joke !
  • Is there any news on an update coming to wp7 phones? Would love to have my OneDrive updated! :) ps: for all the "Get a WP8 device!"-shouters: Sadly I can not... I need my qwerty phone (7 PRO) for emailing my clients and such and there are no qwerty phones with wp8 yet... (also no bt-support for keyboards)
  • I love old Xbox music app than new one in WP8.1.
  • Any one else seeing duplicate folders in the photos hub after the OneDrive update?
  • Me too! The camera roll and saved picture under photos hub>OneDrive were duplicated.
  • Why can't we stil upload (multiple) files to a specific Onedrive folder? I just want to choose my specific folder to upload files. In the current situation I can upload files and then I have to go to Onedrive to rearrange my files to folders. Not good. Much better via Box Anyone any solution?
  • Good video explaining what's new
  • Seems like WP 8.1 is now uploading the High Res pics from my Lumia 1020. I've noticed that the size of the pics after the update went from 1.x mb to around 11. Does that means that the 38 mp pics are the ones uploading?
  • The update made a jumbled mess of the photo app.
  •   I got duplicated camera roll and saved picture folder with the last update. Inside they have exactly the same stuff.
  • Wish the whole OS had such Landscape Orientation..
  • How do u assign into other OneDrive accounts from app??
  • I'm confused, before it would automatically upload the files, even if I didn't want them on onedrive. How is this a big improvement?
  • cannot uninstall onedrive app wp8.1....and also phone restarts when trying to upload multiple photos..pls fix these bugs....
  • Still no end-to-end encryption :-( Private files should only be stored in the cloud when encrypted on the client with a key controlled by the user only. Transport encryption and encryption in the cloud is not sufficient.
  • Please somebody help me! I still cannot upload videos to one drive from my lumia 925! Upload takes forever and never ends! I have tried with various video files and still nothing...