Hands-on with Surface Duo 2's first OS feature update (video)

Surface Duo 2 Inking Outlook
Surface Duo 2 Inking Outlook (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • We go hands-on with the Duo 2's newest OS update.
  • It has new animations, OneNote pen integration, and more!
  • It's rolling out now for all Surface Duo 2 users, so check for updates now.

It's finally happened. Microsoft has shipped the first OS feature update for Surface Duo 2, bringing with it a couple of noteworthy new additions, changes, and bug fixes that we wanted to show off on video for you. Surface Duo 2 has been in dire need of a relatively major software update since it launched, and we now finally have that update.

Microsoft calls this release the December 2021 Update, and it's shipped as build 2021.923.272. It's rolling out now for all Surface Duo 2 customers and introduces the ability to launch OneNote with the top button on the Surface Pen or Surface Slim Pen 1/2. Additionally, Microsoft has also added the ability to configure what your phone does when you move into phone mode.

Previously, Surface Duo 2 always assumed you were going to be using the right display when entering single-screen phone mode. Now, with this newest update, the user can configure that behavior by setting it so the device uses its gyro and accelerometer to determine whether you're using the left or right display when you move into phone mode. Pretty cool.

Finally, there's lots of general bug fixes and OS polish, including the return of app open animations which makes the UX feel much more fluid on that 90hz display. Though, the open animation is still a bit broken when using single-screen mode. Anyway, be sure to watch the video above to see this all in action, and let us know what you're hoping MS addresses in the next Surface Duo OS release!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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