Hands-on with TuneIn Radio on the Xbox One

TuneIn Radio

The Xbox One is a superb games console but it's also perfectly at home sitting in the middle of a home entertainment setup. As such media apps are always welcome, especially ones that open up a whole world of music, like TuneIn Radio does.

Anyone who's ever used it on any of the mobile platforms in the past will know what it's all about. At its core, TuneIn gives you access to a ridiculous amount of global radio stations. Search based on music genre, whether you want to hear sports or talk, hear things where you are or even the language you speak. TuneIn caters for all and adds a healthy podcast library in for good measure.

It's really simple to use with a clear layout and suggestions to get your started listening to something new. TuneIn will also give you a list of trending stations to choose from which will likely consist of some of the bigger stations where you are and from elsewhere in the world. If you already have a TuneIn account just sign in to sync your settings from other devices, or sign up to start syncing. Likewise as you discover things you like, just hit "follow" and they'll be added to your profile.

It also works just fine when snapped. The UI isn't the greatest, with longer song and station titles running off the edge of the screen, but it gets the job done and that's the most important thing. Snap it, set your favorite station going and go do something else like fire up a game, browse the web and so on.

There's not a whole lot else that needs saying. TuneIn has a great service and aside from a few brief laggy moments when skipping around the app it's a winner on the Xbox One as well. Check out our hands-on video above for more or grab it yourselves from the Xbox One Store.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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  • They need to update their phone app.
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  • Did you mean 929 or 930? 
  • The windows phone app really needs an update. Sometimes the streams for australian radio stations just don't work. The windows phone app hasn't been updated since 15/12/2013. The iphone app was updated 18/6/2015.  
  • Really the phone app for TuneIn Radio app should be their first priority.
  • That is almost as long since the Windows Central app saw an update. Useless on 10136. Can't log in. Using Tapatalk.
  • Maybe they can also finally update Windows and Windows Phone apps to work as it should, currently almost all channels keep stopping, could be also very poor design in Windows version.  Hopping for a universal app.
  • Does it support fm using the usb tv tuner?
  • Does anything? I'd like to know.
  • Tunein for Colombian radio stations is all about bunch of cutoffs
  • This app is great! I was enjoying myself some call of duty whilst snapping the app to the side, listening to Teamrock with no problems. Simple and basic, easy to navigate. Phone app also works fine for me.
  • Why are developers wasting resources building two or more apps when Microsoft made it clear that you can practically build once and hit Xbox, Windows and Mobile?
  • the thing is mobile will be available in Sept/Oct. win10 on xbox will be available in Nov/Dec. So if they develop for Win10 Mobile then that app will come to user Oct and for xbox it will be available on Dec. Or just for a short time they build it for current Xbone and reach more users that you can currently on wp8.
  • Fugggers update windows phone app. Just look at their App in Android its updated almost every week or month and ui is awesome. I've been thinking of sending a mail to devs and now they do it for windows but not windows phone.
  • My experience with TuneIn is that their streaming service is not very reliable. My experience is that TuneIn doesn't do much maintenance on the windows platform. Stations I listen to will often stutter, go slow-mo or just stop for no reason. It happens both with smaller and larger radio channels. It's been like this for years on the windows platform. The experience is the same on both my lumia 1520 and surface pro. I've tried it on a samsung note and the streaming quality was somehow far better and consistent. I don't know where the issue lies exactly, but I do know that TuneIn could do their best to show a bit more maintenace and customer service support for the windows platform.
  • When tune in upgrade the app of tune in in WP will be the new thing same as twitter
  • Finally Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • My biggest beef with this program and xbox in general is they are not plasma/OLED screen friendly. Static images degrade and ruin any screen other than LCD. Yes xbox has a screen saver that darkens the screen if idle but snapping an app or many apps just sit still with no regard for screens that can experience burn in. xbox Music actually tries by filling the screen with moving album art while songs play but that is about it. At the very least, xbox should have an option so that one can specify screen type and have screen savers or some sort of burn-in protection when static images are present. As it is now, if I use this and other programs I feel like I need to turn the screen off which isn't convenient at all. Hopefully they come up with a solution for this.