Hands-on with TuneIn Radio on the Xbox One

TuneIn Radio

The Xbox One is a superb games console but it's also perfectly at home sitting in the middle of a home entertainment setup. As such media apps are always welcome, especially ones that open up a whole world of music, like TuneIn Radio does.

Anyone who's ever used it on any of the mobile platforms in the past will know what it's all about. At its core, TuneIn gives you access to a ridiculous amount of global radio stations. Search based on music genre, whether you want to hear sports or talk, hear things where you are or even the language you speak. TuneIn caters for all and adds a healthy podcast library in for good measure.

It's really simple to use with a clear layout and suggestions to get your started listening to something new. TuneIn will also give you a list of trending stations to choose from which will likely consist of some of the bigger stations where you are and from elsewhere in the world. If you already have a TuneIn account just sign in to sync your settings from other devices, or sign up to start syncing. Likewise as you discover things you like, just hit "follow" and they'll be added to your profile.

It also works just fine when snapped. The UI isn't the greatest, with longer song and station titles running off the edge of the screen, but it gets the job done and that's the most important thing. Snap it, set your favorite station going and go do something else like fire up a game, browse the web and so on.

There's not a whole lot else that needs saying. TuneIn has a great service and aside from a few brief laggy moments when skipping around the app it's a winner on the Xbox One as well. Check out our hands-on video above for more or grab it yourselves from the Xbox One Store.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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