Windows 10 May 2020 Update hands-on video: All the features and changes

Windows 10 Version 2004
Windows 10 Version 2004 (Image credit: Windows Central)

Windows 10's latest update is nearly here, and you can download it now manually. So now is a good time to go hands-on with the finished product and see what's new for consumers. Windows 10 Version 2004, known as the Windows 10 May 2020 Update, will begin officially rolling out soon with a few notable new features and changes. This certainly isn't a large update, but some of the improvements will be welcomed by many.

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To begin, there's a brand new Cortana experience that puts typing front and center. It's a cleaner experience with a UI that I really like, but it's not without issue. For example, the new Cortana cannot access your notebook, and also cannot control skills or connected home devices, which is unfortunate.

Other notable changes in this release are improvements to Virtual Desktops, which can now be named and are saved across reboots. There's also improvements in the Settings, app, including the ability to remove your Microsoft Account password as an option for logging in on your device, restricting it to Windows Hello methods only.

There's plenty of other smaller changes part of this release, including the new Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 which we did not cover in out video walkthrough, as it's not a consumer facing feature. What are you most looking forward to in Windows 10 Version 2004? Let us know in the comments.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • No mention of WSL 2?
  • Not a consumer feature. This is a video walkthrough showcasing all the new consumer features.
  • doesn't indicate that on your headline, now does it?
  • I guess Sets has been canned? :( There's not been anything new in Windows 10 for years now. It's just spit and polish these days :(.
  • You are mixing 2004 with the 2009 update. Was never going to be in 2004.
  • They did stop development of Sets for a while because the old Edge was the backbone of it. There's no word on if they plan to get back to it.
  • Updates to features I disable. Yay!
  • So was May 2019 a one-time thing? It was supposed to release in April, and it did, but because of that bug they re-released in May, but I thought they would just repeat this year.
  • I will like the new settings app too beable to change over from passwords to windows hello
  • Also will like virtual desktops too name and be saved automatically
  • I have installed this on two PCs and don't see my profile pic banner in settings.
    Are you reviewing the correct build?
  • My wife's SL3 that doesn't have the May update shows the profile pic, etc in settings. My SP5, also at the same update stage, doesn't. I don't think Zac is doing anything strange, it's Windows.
  • But yeah, someone should probably clear this up with MS. It's a bit confusing.
  • That's in A/B testing right now.
  • I have the same issue. No profile pic on the settings page. :-(