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Hands-on with Windows 10 build 16184 showcasing My People (video)

Microsoft's latest Insider Preview build includes an early version of the highly-anticipated My People feature that allows you to communicate with people directly from the task bar. As with most new builds, we've gone hands on for your viewing pleasure.

Apart from My People, there isn't much else new in build 16184 outside of a few minor UI enhancements. The My People feature is arguably one of the biggest features slated for this release, as it was canceled from its original scheduled release in the Creators Update.

Let us know below on your thoughts regarding My People! Will you be downloading this build to try it out?

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • Worth the upgrade just for this
  • If you doing the insider program, then yes.
  • Depends if you are into the whole Micrsoft Eco system, while I do use Skype, i still use the desktop version and still use my old skype name. I have no interest or need to get a MS account.  
  • Well, most people use hotmail.
  • Do they? In my circle of friends and aquaintences  i know three people that uses hotmail, the oththers use Gmail or some other provider including some like myself who have their own domain and pay for their emial service. i do not have a hotmail account, I used to years ago, but let it go as i hadf no need for it.    
  • Last number's showed that Hotmail was still one of the (if not the) biggest email providers in the world counting active users.
  • Is that more Ms lies?  
  • "who have their own domain and pay for their emial service." < This is always the dumbest idea. I always think people who use this as their primary email are idiots. What happens when you no longer want the domain? If you use Outlook, or Gmail, or any web based client you don't need to worry about that. It's there. if you REALLY want a custom domain you can still use them with, and if you ever decide you dont want the domain just done renew the domain and revert to a regular email. Your email will still all reside in your account, folders and all. You just make your life unecessarily complicated using your own domain and attached email service with your host. It's so so dumb.
  • considering that haved oinly just came out with the domain system as a premium service and I have had this domain for say 10 years or sp,  also why would I want to get rid of it?
    The domain itself cost me very little. the company I have my domain with also provide a service with one email address with the price of the domain now, at the time I went for it I had to pay for an extra email service. Even so it cost pennies a month since I do not want to use the MS ecosystem, why would I have my email stored on their servers?  the same with google, I may have an Android phone, but no way would I use the Gmail service.  If you want to be a slave to MS, then you do it the way you want to, the way I do it is not cokmplicated at all and I also do not get the amopunt of spam I used to get when I had a hotmail account because MS filters are crap.
  • It works with more than just Microsoft accounts, windows mail supports google and yahoo also. Plus other apps will plug in to My People. That's what's great about Microsoft and Windows.
  • At the moment it just support the MS eco system, when it does start supporting other systems, would it be possible to say connect it to facebook messenger without a MS account?    
  • Yes, that what Microsoft said their plans were to do.
  • That MS eco-system does include the Mail app, which does include GMail right now. So if you use this, it does allow the option to mail someone in your contacts via GMail. With the new Google compatibility, the People app should be able to sync with your Google contacts. That may be via a MS account, which I understand some may be adverse too. It doesn't cost anything and does open up a lot of things if you are on a MS platform. Even the Skype thing can be useful. You can still keep your original Skype Name and just link the accounts, I believe. Don't have to quit using desktop Skype, but this would provide some quick access, when the full blown option isn't neaded..quick text for instance, if you use Skype for messaging.  This whole thing is interesting, and I imagine some will find it useful. I'm a bit underwhelmed, but I didn't grow up with instant social. I wrote letters and mailed them most of my life. E-mail was amazing, and SMS is brilliant. I just don't live in a world where instant access to 'all' my contacts is needed. My kids do. My grandkids even more so, so I get it. People seem to talk about this as a business plus, but I don't see it that way. Seems more personal, but that again may be my background and today's young [under 40, ;) ] workers may embrace this. I actually find it interesting that this reminds me a whole lot of the People Hub when WP started. That would make more sense to me personally, so I hope this makes it to Windows Mobile in some form. Yea, no task bar on my 950XL, so they need to find some other way. I do have special people pinned to my Start page/screen, so embellishing what pops up when I tap one, with better stuff would be nice. If that happens, I would even like to see the option of pinning to Start vs Task Bar for the PC. Task bar can get pretty full with Cortana, Desktop manager, notifications, time, ink, battery, etc. actions/icons, not to mention open apps.
  • Totally agree. To me My People is the wrong solution for the need there may be. I would rather see Skype and others provide the opportunity to pin a person, calendar and so on to Start. The Taskbar is a legacy desktop ui element.
    Also, bad luck for those who do not want a Microsoft account, as the strength is that connections with other accounts and services should be persistent in the Microsoft cloud; communication, storage and more, then Windows on a device will know and apps can easily use them. E.g. a File Explorer with tabs for local and all cloud storages that one uses.
  • I know we all use our computer different ways and we set it up in ther way we like it to be set up, ther problem is Ms seems to think we should all set it up and use it the way they want us to. When I was using Windows 10 I had it set up the same way as I use Windows 8.1 and using the same software when MS allowed me to. I have the most used software on my taskbar, and less used on myh start menu, I use start is back as my start menu on both windows 8.1 and ten when i was using it. 
    I use skype when I need to use it I do not have it running on my computer all the time, but it is on my tablet, so i know if someone is calling and I may change over to my comjputer.  I have no need for micrsoft cloud, I really don';t and if I even did find the need to have an MS account my computer would still stay as a local account.  File exploer with tabs could be a good thing, I use free commanderXe, which is pretty good, I used to use directory opus, but it is getting on and I am not sure if i want to pay out for it again.      
  • I do not use Gmail myself, I have a domain and I pay a few quid (£) a year for an email service and I do not think I would want to use that via the My people app even if I could. I do not want to link anything with MS account even skype to be honest, I like it being a stand alone account. As much as you and other people on this site may think we should, not all of use want to be into the MS eco system. I was anmnoyed when MS took over skype, I was pretty sure they would muck it up and try and bring it into their Eco-system and sure enough they have, at the moment they still allow people to sing in using their old user name, but for how much longer? You are the same as me in that you did not grow up with instant social as you call it. When I first got online we had BBS and fidomail, the mail coupld take a couple of days to get a reply back as the machines only connected to the network late at night. Email was a great thing, it allowed us to get a reply in seconds if the person reciving it replied quickly enough. SMS is nice and to be honest to me that and voice is enough, even if some people think I should add eveything else like whats app, snapchat, telgram and facebook messenger. i only got facebook messenger on my phone. I have no need for the others, if people want to contact me then either call me or use SMS.  i do not mind MS adding stuff as long as they can be disabled, the poroblem is that MS says they are disabled b ut still running int he background. I have more than enough runing in the background as it is, without stuff that Ms think i need. 
  • But I don't understand why all the tech related sites are making a big deal out of this. Sure, this is a great feature but don't cover on one thing too much right? Does this mean more "better" things aren't coming?
    NEON and MyPeople are just about it. :/
    What I liked is the Skype integration from the first build.. Usually skype is kinda ignored but it feels they are pushing it now. 😁😁 many ppl hate the UWP app but I just love it. It's a little slow to connect, that's all.
    Anyone know if something even cooler is coming for RS3?
  • What's interesting to me is where the MyPeople thing might lead. As a replacement (hum, reintroduction?) for WP's People Hub and in combination with the "family" stuff mentioned earlier, with close-group login on AiOs as well as greater inter-person integration within those groups (such as, "Hey Cortana, tell my wife to pick up milk when she leaves work"), the My People (or People Hub) can become very useful. Imagine having a family group, a work group, perhaps project members in groups like this to not only share files but tasks, to-dos, Cortana reminders, texting/messaging...? But it requires a new thinking for the operating system, a collaboration layer between OS and user.
  • You go it
  • But skype sucks. There is no way I was using it with its SMS integration over the Messaging app. Messaging app was leaps and bounds above skype (skype STILL cant delete conversations, and the dialer slide-out was so ass-ugly on windows mobile, and dont get me started on the complete mess of integrating contacts with your phone contacts. Was horrible). Doesnt really matter now; I switched to android. 
  • Whatever people's views are on the current Windows mobile situation, there's no denying they're really pushing desktop use with all these updates
  • Who knows it may come full circle with Windows 10 for Arm and the introduction of a computer that makes phone calls :)
  • Yupp this 'My People' feat seems to have been created as a though for mobile device first and desktop second. It's basically like Speed Dial but more advanced. Seems like if MS is being tight lipped on Windows Mobile/Surface Mobile, then it's because they are replacing the OS with Windows Cloud and they want to announce the device with features as opposed announcing features that become "old" (through Insider Program) by the time they officially announce them. Just speculating nothing more.
  • That's actually very insightfull. There are pros and cons to this Insider thing. While they get to wring out some of the bugs in new features, they don't get to benefit from the wow factor of new feature sets being released.  I was pretty underwhelmed when I loaded CU on my work PC, because I had been using all the new stuff on my Insider box(es) all along. There are actually a lot of new things that happened over the past 6 months, that are not obvious, and weren't well advertised as coming with CU to folks who were running AU, and the normal updates.   This thing feels a bit like the old Windows Phone People Hub to me. People seemed to like that, but the social networks didn't want their brands diluted. Maybe we can get past that. Maybe we can get something similar back into WP.  
  • There is no more Windows Mobile.
    Microsoft is very clear that Windows 10 on ARM/new shell will be the next Mobile iteration.
    And that's super existing!
    Overnight all Windows store apps will be able to run on 5-6' size devices. The 'dream' of one Windows on all device form will become almost reality. Yeh, Surface Phone will be flagship device for new Mobile vision.
    Absolutely fantastic if executed properly!!!
  • This week I bought my wife an Android phone. She had been on Windows Phones for years and never complained about the usability experience. Lately Messenger stopped working on Windows Phone and I had two options: Android or Windows 10 Mobile. I chose Android for a simple reason - lack on hardware choice, lack of Microsoft commitment to the OS. My wife spent a whole week with headaches. She's been swearing at the phone day in day out. I pity her and I'm afraid of the day I'm forced to do the switch.
  • Yeah, I often help people with phone problems but lately I have begun denying Android people help just because their phones are so bad out of the box that nothing I do will make them "work as well and fluid" as their friends W10 and iOS.
  • Not sure why you'd just switch because Messenger didn't work. Why didn't it work? Old phone? Why can't you get a 950/xl, Alcatel Idol 4s, HP Elite x3, 640/xl, 650? First three are all high end and awesome. Second phones are mid to low and still good. MS is still in it. Stop listening to the negativity. MS is just changing tack, and for GOOD reason.
  • Didn't your wife have a say in whatever phone she would get? She could have looked at android in a store first...
  • You won't have to switch. We'll be here with you!
  • Android phones are easy to use they really are. just put the icons you want to use most on your home screen and then press on the icon for the app you want.   
  • You can make it look just like an iPhone if you want ;)
  • Or a windows phjone for that matter, i am not sure why anyone would want to, but you can. :)
    i am not a great fan of Android phones, but they do the job and I prefer them to Iphones and I certainly prefer them to windows phones.  
  • Re: aka ad47uk,
    It seems like you prefer the look and use of "Windows 95"? 1995 and icons was simple.
  • I prefer a computer Os to be just that an OS, all the rubbish that Ms have put into windows 10 and even some of it in Windows 8 is fine for a phone or a tablet.  Ms should give people the choice, but instead they go their own way of trying to force usless features onto people.  i just need an Os to run the software I want to use, not what Ms want me to use and I certainly do not want to enter the Microsoft eco system, I have no need for it.  
  • They are the most problem ridden, least stable and least secure phones on the planet. They receive the absolute worst support, they contain nothing else than copied/stolen ideas and they perform slowest per processing cycle. Just a few fyi.
  • They may have problems, but people keep buying them, so they must be doing something well. 
    MS have failed on every single Os on a phone. 
    As for copied ideas, MS is not so innocent either.  
  • Are you sure windows phones are less secure than Android?
    I seriously doubt that.
    I believe W10 mobile is more secure than iOS and Android Also as per performance, do you mean Android or iOS will run smoother on an 8GB rom 1GB ram Snapdragon 2XX device?
  • I have had an oppo f1s as a 2nd phone for a few months now, and just recently got a Galaxy S8. Neither of them have been a nightmare to use or bad experience (except for Oppos terrible marshmallow update which has lowered the phones previously smooth performance). You probably picked a crap android phone with crap custom firmware. Oppos is SO simple to use, i would have sung its praises prior to their marshmalllow update. Touchwiz on the S8 is SO much better than it ever used to be.
  • I work part time with helping android users and no.. It is common practice to have problems with them. You mention it yourself in your comment.
  • Lol... So I also pity you in advance.
    Sometimes I also contemplate what phone I'll end up switching to once my current 640XL gets to it's end of life.
    Based on my budget/finances, and knowing that a surface phone will run on Snapdragon 820 upwards, I'm afraid a day will come when I ... :( 😪
  • I think this is going to be super-useful in regular day-to-day use!
  • Reminds me of WinPopup, which was based on something my now deceased friend built. It was called NetPopup. He made a lot of money from it. He bought himself a Ferrari, which became his means to depart in an unfortunate accident.
  • Net send
  • This could easily be integrated left from the start screen on mobile. But to hell with it, Microsoft won't figure it out...
  • Agree 100%
  • I agree!
  • Hell yes!
  • Indeed! Even better though, this must be accessible everywhere on the OS by swiping from the right edge of the screen. Then MyPeople circular photos slides in floating like from Facebook Messenger Chat Heads on Android. Basically behaves like Chat Heads, only big difference is you can always access it without pinning the conversation on the screen, and any other communications apps can integrate to MyPeople. Thus it can potentially better than Facebook implementation, that if MS cares. 
  • You mean EXACTLY like Samsungs "People Edge"?
  • No, I think he means just like the chat heads which was out two years before. Remember... Samsung doesn't do innovative.
  • Sure, it could be if MS actually wanted to spend any more real time developing for Windows Phone. Here's a hint, they don't; you get it?
  • Pardon my confusion, but will we have to wait untilthe Fall before My People is rolled out, or will Microsoft provide us with this feature before then? Thanks for answering my question in advance.
  • Unless you're an insider, yes.
  • Maybe that is clear, but don't answer an 'is it this or that' question with 'yes'.  My People will only be available in insider builds until the Fall when the next Whatever-it-is-called Update rolls out to the production build.  This is integral to the OS experience so it will wait for the Update. There will likely be some app updates that show up in insider, that may hit regular users before the OS update, and there will be app updates that depend on the OS update and will only be seen by insiders until then. 
  • Need to improve email experience. Why do need to tap the email address of the contact you're already on...
  • This is a shortcut for UWP Apps, still need improvements, this is why it is on insider ring, testing before release.
  • A lot of my contacts have multiple email addresses, so I think it makes sense that you can choose which address to use.
  • This!! Also need a way to delete individual suggestions. When someone changes their address the Mail app is pretty adamant about using the old one. Sometimes I give up and use whatever web-based mail the account provides. Protip: Never use an emoji in the subject line, unless you want Mail to stumble around like an old drunk.
  • Needs social media integration.
  • Didn't they show an example where you could have Facebook contained within the my people window?
  • Yeah. The integration has been very tight in Win Mobile 8. That's the bar for me. Hope they nail it this time!
  • Never seen such official concept from Ms like that. Though other designer concepts may be already circulating on the Web, hoping for MS and Facebook to see the benefits. On mobile, MyPeople would be super handy, by swiping from the right, it's always accessible.  It will be like Chat Heads but better.  
  • I'm sure it was a Microsoft slide where they said they could contain the Facebook app (or some relevant part of it) within the My People window.
    I think they were explaining how the old WP7 integration wasn't popular with the likes of FB and twitter because the user bypassed the official apps.
    The My People concept still requires these 3rd party apps, but is still a way to integrate multiple social networks in one place.
  • Hopefully that will come soon... Looking forward to this feature !!
  • And support for sms or is that there via skype?
  • Nevermind... Didn't have sms sync set up properly. Now it's all good 😊
  • Initial thoughts. #1 Goofy on how SMS/Skype works. Had a contact for Wife who I use in the Skype UWP app for SMS texting, added it, didn't work. Had to go in and start linking account together to make Skype appear here. #2 Colors. Not sure if it's just me but the colors for those SMS texts messages are almost impossible to read (light green and gray). #3 Doesn't close. Appears it's a wrapper for UWP apps but in my mind clicking out of the window should close it but doesn't. #4 Placement. I would put people next to clock. otherwise as things appears in taskbar it moves around.
  • Would be nice to integrate Hangouts.
  • Dreamer ;)
  • Google would never allow that. They want to use their monopolies to choke all other markets.
  • Microsoft would never ever do something like that.
  • Do you know that reply function is broken on Edge?
  • Works for me in Edge. Assuming you mean reply to comment on this site. Replied via Edge.  
  • Will be testing this a lot the upcoming weeks... So far, integrations I'd like to see are WhatsApp and Twitter. Perhaps somehow Slack as well one way or another. Swipe from left on mobile would also rock.
  • I'm also looking forward for Facebook to integrate on MyPeople. That would be pretty useful even for more average users and incentive for Facebook to have their services more visible to the user.  Slack is another I would personally live to have.  On mobile, it should be swipe from the right. Since swiping from the left should only reserved for Hamburger menus. Several apps already have ability to swipe from left, it's just that Microsoft own default implementation for UWP don't support it natively, so developers has to make their own. 
  • Swipe from the right already brings up the all apps list.  Maybe swipe from the bottom could bring up all apps, so we can accomodate android users ;) 
  • That's not what I meant. This is not for the Start screen. My proposal is about swiping from the right edge of the screen, and accessible anywhere in the OS, on any app. This way a user can access My People easily and on-demand, just like on PC is on Taskbar. Having on right also behaves similar on Chat Heads of Facebook Messenger, thus giving familiarity even it's bit different and does more.  Swiping form the bottom is good suggestion though. Though I was thinking something different for it but not sure what else. 
  • great... more useless features nobody asked for...
  • If it can be disabled then fine and I mean dsisabled, not what MS think is disabled with cortana in that it still stay running in the background.  
  • I don't mind Cortana taking up 0.1% of resources while running in the background, so I probably won't mind "People" either, my problem is that Microsoft spends time on features that virtually nobody cares for (3D paint, all apps being automatically expanded, Cortana) while ignoring small fixes that could really improve Windows for the vast majority of users (for example a customizable left side of the start menu). this has been going on since windows 8 ...
  • It is not the fact that cortana is taking resoures, it is wondering what the hell it is sending back to Microsoft, it have to be sending something back, other wise MS would allow it to be disabled compleaty.  If I go through the effort of truning off cortana and hiding it, then what make Ms think that just because it is still running int he background I am going to change my mind?  this is why I think it is senid more infop back to Micrsoft as if they do not do enough spying with windows 10 as it is. One reason why I have gone back to windows 8.1   All I want from an Os is to be able to erun the software and hardware I want to run and use, not waht MS think I want at least with Windows 8.1 it is possible to ignore the apps, try doing that on Windows 10.
    The windows 10 start menu is awful, it is hybrid disasterm a right mess. Ms looked at Windows 8 start screen, saw that filed with the tiles and still put tiles in a start menu.    I bet this will be downvoted by the MS fans,  but I do not give a monkeys, people should stop wearing blionkers and look at what Ms is trying to do, before it is too late and be sucked into the Ms eco system with no choice.      
  • Its just telemetry. Unless you are doign something you shouldn't be why do you care about this data being sent? Stop being a loser.
  • Oh you ojne of the idiots that think that if you are doing nothing worng then you got nothing to be worried about.   i store things on my computer I like to keep on my computer, not have MS telemetry grab bits of it. Maybe you should read some more info into what Ms telemetry grabs.    
  • It doesn't send anything if you don't start the quality assurance systems. This is easily checked through any basic router. You need to sit down and figure out why you feel this way, because you're in a very small minority.
  • The only way to stopo MS grabbing data on windows 10 is by disconnecting the computer from the net. lots of software about to try to stop it, but most do not work and those that do work, Ms still gets around them.  why I feel like this is becfause I do not trust MS, the NSa and the U.S government. i do not trust our goverment either, but I turst the u.s even less.
    Also if you think I am in the small minority then you are deluded and anyone who do nto care about this then that is fine, if they want their data to be grabbed bny different companies,. then that is up to them. 
    Brainwashed that is the problem with people.  
  • That is the indexing service and it is speeding up your computer usage ten fold... I can't believe people complain about this.
  • What is the indexing service?  
  • I don't know where the common sense is in the Microsoft, at-lest have some primary features like search functionality in that box. [AND I KNOW ITS BETA PREVIEW BUT AS WE ALL KNOW THAT'S THE TYPE OF INCOMPLETE APPS MICROSOFT IS DELIVERING NOWADAYS ]
  • So true
  • The lack of features within My People is because it is in Alpha build stage. Got to get the foundation right first before adding the features. Patience, little grasshopper.
  • Seriously?
  • This feature is fantastic, and you can see it easily getting better and improving with different apps! Love it!
    Also, side note, just received my Alcatel Idol 4s from the US (in Australia) Friggin FANTASTIC device. I was very surprised how good this thing is. The camera is no way as bad as people say. Quality of build is amazing, feels great, fast - perfect right now. Now I can't decide what I like best - my HP Elite x3, 950xl or this???? Oh well, good that I have the choice. I totally recommend it to anyone who loves WM. The photos don't do it justice. I thought the colour was going to be gaudy, but on the contrary - super classy. I still prefer non glass and metal phones though - too slippery, but with a case it's good.
  • If Australia wasn't so DAMN BIG and if there wasn't so few of us using W10M here, then I'd suggest a meet up of some sorts. Could be to check out what apps people are using, go out and take some pics... or to check out someone's X3 or 4s :-)
    In Brissie BTW 👍🤙🤘
  • At least there is good intensions in your thoughts... I'm in Australia too, but in Adelaide (a similar distance would be Austin to Columbus).
  • In Newcastle.
  • In Sydney myself. Rocking an X3 and a Pixel.
  • Sydney reppin
  • There's an app called Skype that you can use, you know.
  • This is basically going to to be the people app on mobile with history tab and ability to edit and add people.
  • It's a good idea with lots of potential but as with the people app I don't like the circles with heads on I find it doesn't go with the windows design and because of it un pinned the annoying tile from my start screen on pc and mobile
  • Other apps probably won't support this and it will be killed in 2019.
  • Microsoft is officially out of ideas.
  • they have been for years, they keep copying other operating systems.,  
  • Let's see... Microsoft releases Windows phone, within two years first Ios, then Android becomes "flat" and stylistic. Microsoft releases their first mobile OS in 1999, Apple in 2007 and google bought one which they released in 2008. Microsoft releases tablets together with Windows XP Tablet edition. Apple releases Ipad in 2009 and Google tries to copy it with horrible results with Android 3.0. The list goes on.
  • They all copy each other, some of the features inWindows 10 have been in Linux for years.  The windows 10 app system is just copied from Apple as apple was the first one to bring it onto a computer. I am not including chrome Os in that as it is not a full blown OS. If it works then fine, that is if people want it, but a lot of the features are not needed. Ms should spend more time getting their OIS stable instead of wasting time on stupid features that are not needed.  
  • Says the google-fan. The company that has done nothing new since 2001. :)
  • After upgrading to this build, performance has stalled a lot. Things just takes their sweet time processing commands. Taskbar and Explorer freezing up.
  • performance stalled for me about half way through the creators update builds and still isnt any better since its finally out. Using it is sluggish as hell now (and thats even with a reformat and install from USB)
  • I want it to work with Discord.
  • so do I Blaster, so do I.
  • It will be interesting to see if the big social services actually integrate with this. I can see a lot of them saying hell no.
  • For some reason, it says I have no contacts. When I use "Add Account" I get the response that my (Live) account already exists.   I can see the new email and calendar, but it won't show my contacts...   Whatev....
  • This sounds like exactly what happens to me when I try to update Skype details, which is why I stopped using Skype. MS help could never get it resolved.
  • Try going into settings, deleting your mail and contacts account, and then add the account back in again. This happens to me because I have an Exchange work account I set up, and another (I assume home) account that was set up when I first purchased a Windows phone...
  • Tried this last night and the integration with Skype/Messaging, Mail, and People is great! It's like the old people hub but better in some good ways. Would work great on Mobile too!
  • would be great if they integrate messenger again
  • That's up to Facebook.
  • Works fine with some contacts and terribly with others. I have people I chat with on SKYPE on a regular basis that when I pin them to the taskbar, they do not connect with SKYPE at all even though I have them in the SKYPE app and may be currently chatting with them. Makes no sense at all.
  • Skype is terrible. One of the worst app I've ever used. 
  • I can't get MyPeople to actually do anything. The icon is in the system tray but clicking it does nothing
  • Putting the accessor icon in the system tray is terrible. 
  • I don't think I will use this feature. Not for a consumer
  • This is very nice indeed. :D
  • anyone else find in odd that when in the My People app and on a contact, in the video he clicked on the Mail Icon to send email to that contact (Dan in the video) but yet still had to type that same contact on the To: line of the email?????? Maybe some better integration is still coming?????