Hands-on with Windows 10 build 17639 showcasing new features (video)

Microsoft recently rolled out a brand new Redstone 5 build for Insiders in the Skip Ahead ring that added several new improvements to the Windows "Sets" feature that has been in testing for a few weeks. When Sets was first introduced, it was incredibly rudimentary, missing features and functions that made it pretty difficult to use.

With build 17639, Microsoft improved Sets a fair bit, so it's actually usable now. It now has the ability to move tabs between windows, stability improvements when switching between tabs, and better behavior between File Explorer and Sets itself.

It's still not perfect, which is to be expected because Redstone 5 is still several months away from being finalized. There are a few other changes in build 17639, including additional settings in the Settings app, Bluetooth battery percentage, and more. We've got it all in our video walkthrough, so check it out!

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • Tabs for the same app is great, but why have tabs from different apps in the same window? Confusing.
  • Yeah there should be an option for opening different session of same app instead of different app altogether in sets. I don't see why one would prefer toggling between different app tabs in same window instead of different windows itself.
  • I agree. It's going to be very confusing
  • Why?
    It's no different than using virtual desktops over multiple monitors.
    It's a way to organize workflows. Like, you have photos, file explorer and your image editor all grouped together in a single tab set, for instance. Personally, I use Plex, a browser and a file explorer in a tab set to organize my media files in a more logical workflow.
  • So you can bundle Unreal Engine, related websites, documents and files associates to project A in 1 Set and pjB in another Set?
  • Or think about all the people working in Primary Support or Call Centers where they can open up all documents, pages, apps of a contact, caller, incident.
  • I wonder if anybody else beside me had written down the benefits of such a solution already a thousand times.
  • this is gonna be a mess!
  • Not if you don't use it.
  • Its about dang time for the battery