Happy Birthday, Windows Phone; Microsoft's mobile platform celebrates its third year

The head of Windows Phone at Microsoft, Joe Belfiore, took to Twitter today to announce the birthday of the company's mobile platform. Windows Phone indeed turns 3 today. That's not all, not only has it been three years since the first Windows Phone, but also since the Metro (or now "Modern") UI was released into the world.

Back in 2010, Microsoft announced Windows Phone 7 at that year's Mobile World Congress (care to check out an old podcast to relive some memories?), with device going to market in October. Fast forward to today and Windows Phone is everywhere (not in terms of sales, mind you). Xbox, Windows 8 and Microsoft's general approach to design stems from the Modern UI, which was first implemented on the mobile platform. 

Joe Belfiore B'Day Tweet

Since initially released, the platform has grown. Gone were the days where market share reports painted bleak pictures with Windows Mobile being difficult to surpass. Nokia jumped on board in 2011, launching its first Windows Phone, the Lumia 800 in September of that year. We've been called out for favouring Nokia over other OEM partners, but it's incredible how much Nokia has provided the platform - marketing, brand awareness and a superb Lumia line of products.

HTC HD7 / our old website - bringing back memories?

Back then there weren't many apps around and you found yourself continuously playing "Spot the Windows Phone owner" when out and about. It has also changed for developers too. You could release an app and it was much easier to get featured in the Windows Phone Store than it is today. That said, the array of tools and quality of apps have both significantly improved. The best part of this story is that we're not yet done.

Microsoft is in the process of snapping up the devices and services division at Nokia. We've also got Nokia World 2013 just around the corner where tablets, phablets, phones, accessories and more will be unveiled to the world. So that's three years scored away, here's a toast to the next three. 

Have you been with the platform since the beginning? What are your thoughts on how Microsoft has evolved Windows Phone, as well as its other products? Be sure to sound off in the comments.

Source: Twitter

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