Intel shares ray tracing benchmarks for Arc A770 GPU — here's how it stacks up against the RTX 3060

Intel Arc Pro A-Series Graphics
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What you need to know

  • Intel recently shared ray tracing benchmarks for its Arc A770 GPU.
  • The Arc A770 was compared to the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 while running several AAA titles.
  • Intel's GPU outperformed NVIDIA's in 12 out of 17 games tested, and the two cards were comparable when running two additional titles.

Intel's Arc A770 is set to go head-to-head with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060, at least according to benchmarks from Intel. The tech giant recently showed how its flagship GPU faired against the RTX 3060 when it comes to ray tracing. Based on Intel's testing, the Arc A770 stacks up well against NVIDIA's offering.

The Intel Arc A770 is built on the 6nm process. It has 32 Xe cores, supports DirectX 12 Ultimate, and should be able to power the best PC games at high framerates. While Intel's new GPU is expected to perform well, up until now, we haven't had concrete data on how well the graphics card will handle ray tracing.

Intel shared benchmarks for the Arc A770 and RTX 3060 with ray tracing enabled and resolution set to 1080p. The Arc A770 outperformed the RTX 3060 when running 12 of the 17 titles, including Resident Evil Village, Metro Exodus, Hitman 3, and Ghostwire Tokyo. That last title got a 25% boost thanks to a new beta driver from Intel.

On a few titles, the Arc A770 trailed behind the RTX 3060 significantly. Intel's GPU only hit 67 FPS on Battlefield V, while the RTX 3060 hit 81.

Intel Arc A770 vs NVIDIA RTX 3060 ray tracing

(Image credit: Intel)

Intel also shared some figures for the Arc A770 running at 1440p with ray tracing and XeSS, though those benchmarks only compare the GPU to other Arc graphics cards.

Intel Arc benchmarks for ray tracing and XeSS

(Image credit: Intel)

Of course, these are Intel's own benchmarks within a controlled environment. We'll have to get our hands on the Intel Arc A770 and perform our own benchmarks to see how it stacks up in real-world usage. That being said, the Arc 7770 looks like it will compete well with GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD.

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