Intel's Raptor Lake refresh is real: The final CPU lineup before Core Ultra branding

New Intel Core processor branding for 2023
(Image credit: Intel)

What you need to know

  • Intel's Raptor Lake line-up is getting a refresh, making it the third CPU to be hosted in LGA 1700 socket.
  • Both mobile and desktop CPUs are getting refreshed, including the S-series of CPUs as well as the HX/U series.
  • The U series CPU might get "Intel Core 1st Generation Processor" branding despite the rest of the family being labeled as 14th Generation.

As shared on BiliBili, Intel has now confirmed the Raptor Lake line-up refresh. Following various leaks at the beginning of 2023, a Raptor Lake refresh was hinted at, but recent motherboard BIOS updates have all but confirmed their existence. An ASSU BIOS update change log claims to "improve system stability and compatibility for the next-gen processors" which cannot be Meteor Lake because those CPUs will use the next socket.

With the help of machine-translated Intel slides in Chinese, the existence of the third tenant of the LGA 1700 socket can be confirmed.

While it was previously believed that only the desktop counterpart will get the refresh, it has been confirmed that both mobile and desktop CPUs are getting updates. Meaning the S series and the HX/U series of CPUs for high-performance laptop computing as well as for the Ultrabook category will be refreshed.

While we are indeed discussing the 14th gen of Intel Core products, the U-series will, apparently, be labeled "Intel Core 1st Generation Processor". Whether the translation from Chinese left too much wiggle room for accurate understanding is unclear, but it may be worth keeping an eye on the final naming scheme.

If previous refreshes are anything to go by, we expect clocks to slightly go up, at the very least, which might prove to be a tempting upgrade for the current 12th-gen users who aren't yet willing to invest in still expensive DDR5 and a new motherboard, but want to upgrade nevertheless.

For more info on Intel CPUs coming soon read about the new naming scheme.

Jerko Čilaš