The haunting cover songs from Microsoft's Surface ads are now on Spotify

While the focus is rightly on the technology itself when Microsoft reveals a new entry in its Surface lineup, the company has caught some attention for its music choices as well. Recent Surface ads and introduction videos have included haunting covers of classic songs, performed by artist Stephanie Tarling, and now you can listen to them on Spotify.

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Three of Tarling's tracks are available to stream, including her cover of "Fly Me to the Moon" from the Surface Book 2 announcement, "Pure Imagination" from the Surface Studio reveal, and "You're the One I Want" from the Surface Laptop ad. Each is a slower, more haunting version of the original, giving them a somewhat creepy vibe.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • They are really trying to rub in the death of Groove.
  • Doesn't matter in this case.  I don't care for her voice or the music style.
  • Most of your comments have a similar negative tone. Most people really love the music in the recent Surface ads.
  • Yeah, seems like he'd be the biggest dickhead IRL, real life of the party, no doubt would've had his head smashed on more than one ocassion.
  • I like them all. And I love the presentation videos.
  • They're good songs, but the best when consume together with the videos.
  • Slightly on topic:  I found this interesting.  I was listening to these on Spotify on my PC laptop.  I opened my Android (yes, I switched recently) and Spotify shows up in the notification dropdown with this song playing.  I can even pause my PC Spotify from the phone (although it wouldn't just now resume, so not totally smooth).  I have my phone and PC connected, but I didn't realize cross-play with Spotify was possible.  
  • Yeah it's called Spotify connect. It's their way of being able to use whatever device to control Spotify on another device. You can control the Xbox Spotify app from you phone or PC too. It's nice, little laggier on the Xbox though.
  • One of several reasons why MS made the move to them. Spotify is only a music streaming company. And they are arguably the best. Microsoft was smart to transfer resources into more important things imo. :)
  • When I search in groove, nothing appears
  • I mean only my songs appear, not anything from groove catalogue
  • I just watched the surface 2 video.   WOW,  that thing kills the macbook in every way!  Great Job on that device MS.