HD Video Converter Factory Pro review: Making video conversion easy on Windows 10

Videos can come in all different shapes, sizes, and formats. While it's easy to export videos into different formats using a video editor, sometimes all you want to do is turn a video into an mP4. HD Video Converter Factory Pro lets you convert videos between a long list of formats without having to use a full-fledge video editor.

It also allows you to compress, upscale, and downscale videos as well as a few other tricks.

You can get the app for $29.95 for a year, $34.95 for one lifetime purchase, or $59.95 for a family pack which comes with three licenses.

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Altering videos

HD Video Converter Factory Pro has a number of video and audio conversion tools. Its library of formats is vast and lets you take files from a number of devices and convert them into more standard formats. You can also compress files to reduce their size up to five times without losing that much quality. This compression is handy for sharing videos on social media like Facebook which limits file sizes in videos to 25MB.

You can also upscale or downscale videos. For example, you can take 480p footage and bump it up to 720p. This program isn't a magic wand though. Don't expect it to take grainy cell phone footage and make it look like a film. You can, however, see an improvement on videos when playing them on larger screens.

I took some old football highlights and bumped them up a bit, and while they don't look as crisp as last season's 1080p recordings, they do look better. I had more success increasing quality one step, such as 480p to 720p, than I did increasing it from 480p to 1080p. Again, there's only so much you can do with low-quality source files.

Nifty features

In addition to being able to convert, compress, and rescale videos and audio, HD Video Converter Factory Pro also has some other nice features that make content creation easier. You can select specific parts of a video to turn into your output, download videos directly off of YouTube, and merge multiple videos.

The features of HD Video Converter Factory Pro don't stack up to professional, or even prosumer, video editors, but they do enough to make it easy to create content.

Overall thoughts on HD Video Converter Factory Pro

HD Video Converter Factory Pro has a wide variety of tools for amateurs and hobbyists to produce content. You can easily convert footage you already have or get videos directly off the web. You can also rescale or compress videos to free up space on our PC or make it easier to share videos online.

While HD Video Converter Factory Pro isn't a magic wand for fixing low-quality footage, it does a good job of upscaling footage.

The interface is a bit clunky and dated, but it works for what it needs to do. It's a great tool for if you have a lot of footage, you need to convert such as old home movies recorded in formats you don't see much today.


  • Improves the quality of upscaled videos
  • Can compress video sizes
  • Easy to use
  • Includes nice editing features


  • Dated interface

Download HD Video Converter Factory Pro from Wonderfox

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