HD2's multitouch shows its stuff

Just realized we'd made you guys go more than 24 hours without some drool-worthy HTC HD2 footage. Sorry about that. Hope the shakes weren't too bad. To make up for it, here's some video goodness from TechBlog.gr of the HD2 in all its 4.3-inch, capacitive touchscreen, slap-your-momma-Snapdragon-is-so-fast goodness. Oh, yeah, and that is multitouch you see in action.

Bring it, HTC. Bring. It.

Via Mobile Tech World and wmpoweruser

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  • It has a 4.3 screen.
  • Just seeing if you were paying attention. ;)
  • What a awesome phone, can'y wait for it to hit the U.S. market. I will buy it ASAP as of yesterday,lol.
  • oops,Can't wait.
  • Do you think Microsoft looks at TF3D and then looks at their work they did on Titanium, and are embarrassed? I mean watching TF3D on that device looks soooo smooth! Titanium comparably, is a joke...
  • The HTC HD2 is a tuly awesome phone. I mean AWESOME! This phone is so AWESOME that I am seriously considering switching to T-Mobile (yuck!!!!) in order to get it when it first arrives here in the US. Wow! That's for the update. I was getting the shakes!