HD7s for $50 at Best Buy

Never to shy away from a deal, we've been tipped that the AT&T HTC HD7s is being offered over at Best Buy for $49.99 (after contractual discounts). The offer also includes free shipping.

Not a bad deal but the catch is finding one. If Best Buy's inventory of HD7s units is similar to AT&T Premiere Site, it may be a tough deal to locate. A quick store inventory search indicates not a single Best Buy in Alabama are showing the Windows Phone in stock. The online listing (opens in new tab) indicates the phone usually ships within 2-5 business days but "usually" isn't a guarantee the phones are in stock.

Still, if you're in the market for an HD7S it might be worth a call to Best Buy to see if your local store has them in stock.

Thanks goes out to Ben for the tip!

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  • LOL, "ON CONTRACT" should be posted in the title as well.
  • This appears to be online only in my area, Colorado and surrounding states. Best Buy may be waiting to see if there is a demand for this phone before stocking the stores? I have the HTC HD7 (Love it) on Tmo and would not mind having this one with the better screen!
  • *sigh* This is the phone I really really wanted but I wanted to do an add a line on AT+T, as I get a huge work discount there. At that time though AT+T didn't have the HD7(s) :/I like my Surround a bunch but I felt like I was a settling juuuuust a little.
  • All the other WP7 phones on AT&T sell for $0 with a contract. It was interesting to see that the top-selling WP7 was the Surround, placing 21st - just ahead of an iPhone at 22nd - but behind several Androids and a Blackberry or two. The Focus came in at 25th, Trophy 49th, Quantum 84th, Arrive 114th, HD7 133rd, and the HD7S at 148th out of 154.
  • This is not a good deal. There's $36 activation fee and messaging plans available are only $0 for no messaging or $20 for unlimited. No $10 for 1000 messages which AT&T or Amazon offer. Amazon has the phone for $99 and no activation (I think). So with Amazon, after two months, you recoup the difference: $99 - ($36+$49) and save $10/month after that for people who don't want the $20/unlimited messaging.