Hellish adventure 'Agony' launches on Xbox One and PC next month

Many months ago, a game called Agony caught the attention of numerous players. It appeared to be a first-person adventure which took place in Hell. Since then, we haven't heard much about the title but that changed today. According to developer Madmind Studios and publisher Maximum Games, Agony is coming to Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 on May 29, 2018 for $39.99.

A new trailer released today which showcases the terrifying scenery and cursed creatures awaiting players foolhardy enough to explore the game's twisted worlds. Agony throws players into Hell where they strive to survive and solve the riddle behind the mysterious "Red Goddess". The Red Goddess is the architect of this Hell, and the sole entity with knowledge of how escape.

The main mechanic of the game appears to be the ability to possess demons and other souls to find a way out of Hell. Players who love single-player games will be delighted to know that Agony features a full-fledged story mode as well as an open challenge system that randomly generates levels for gamers to explore and gain high scores.

Since its announcement, Agony has been one of the most anticipated upcoming horror games. Hopefully the title will deliver when it launches in a month. It's unclear if the game supports Xbox One X as the companies didn't provide any details about the platform. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more.

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