Help rebuild a kingdom with Undersky: The Eternal Saga on Windows Phone 8

City-builders are those sorts of games that you can literally pour hundreds of hours (and/or dollars) into, whether you have a daily commute or some free time to spare each day. One such title is Undersky: The Eternal Saga, which has just been released on Windows Phone 8. The game, developed by SteamWarShip and published Renatus Media, is slightly different as it offers a strategic combat twist to the familiar gameplay.

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So what's the backstory of this magical kingdom? Unfortunately, a terrible disaster has occurred and it's up to you to now build up the kingdom, develop an economy and purge the lands of invaders. It's essentially a free-to-play city-building game, just like competitor titles already available. But as noted above, there's a twist - a battle system.

Just when you thought that constructing and developing buildings and managing resources was all you'd be tasked with, you're going to need an army. From swordsmen to dragons, you'll need to have your wits about you as you repel attacks from enemies. There are also numerous challenges and activities available to earn coins and crystals (in-game currency) to keep you busy.

Just like other city-builders and you know and love, you'll be constructing buildings, but in a fantasy setting. Sawmills, foundries, barracks and other buildings are required to get the economy back on track (if only it were that easy in the real world).

Undersky Screen

That's not all as just when you thought that was it, there's also a card collection feature, enabling you to upgrade characters up to the "invincible" rank and transform your kingdom into a beautiful monolith. There's finally a main story with an open ending, leaving it up to you how the kingdom flourishes. It's certainly an interesting mix of genres.

If you're a fan of said games, we strongly recommend you check out Undersky. Of course, just like the other city-builders, you can purchase more in-game currency to help speed up the experience in case you're slightly impatient. 

You can download Undersky: The Eternal Saga from the Windows Phone Store for free (requires Windows Phone 8).

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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