Microsoft HoloLens is not all about just holographic 3D apps it can also run Windows Universal Platform (UWP) apps as well.

None of that should be surprising as Microsoft has been boasting UWP apps being able to run on all 'end points' for PC and Mobile computing since day one. But in case you were wondering here are the native UWP Microsoft apps that work with HoloLens. It is also important to drill the home the idea that universal apps are really just that.

Whether it is Groove Music, Solitaire, Word, the Store, or Edge, they can all run on the wearable holographic computer. Developers can also add some specific HoloLens capabilities to their apps without having to fork the code.

Why? Simple. Hands-free computing can be a big deal for many users who are either multitasking or working on a project that requires the use of their hands. With HoloLens, you can use the app with scrolling, zoom, air-tap (action) and gaze (the app follows your eyes and where you look).

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Being able to make a Skype call why washing the dishes or reading a recipe while preparing food at the same time is a new evolution of computing. Such a paradigm shift is on the horizon, and we are now at the very beginning of that change.

Interestingly, one drawback of 2D apps on HoloLens? You can't project the color black as black is the absence of light. Microsoft has a few tips to work around that, but it is something for developers to keep in mind. Also, the USB port cannot use peripherals in case you had some ideas.

Even more exciting is that developers here at Build are being trained on how to build both 3D and 2D apps using UWP. Developers can do this all now through the HoloLens SDK without even needing a physical HoloLens. When HoloLens finally does launch for the public, there should be a large selection of apps built to take advantage of the technology and that is very exciting.

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