Here's the breakdown of what's new in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 build 10122

Following the release of Windows 10 build 10122 earlier today, Microsoft has posted some more details on what's new and improved in its Edge browser, including support for InPrivate mode, pinning sites to Start, and much more.

Here's the full breakdown of what's new in Edge:

  • HTML5 date/week/month inputs are now supported by default
  • CSS3 cursor values (zoom-in and zoom-out) are now supported
  • Preview New Tab Page now features top sites, featured apps, and curated content from MSN
  • InPrivate mode is now supported
  • Sites can now be pinned to Start
  • History view is now functional
  • Reading view icon now animates when suitable content is detected
  • Tabs now have icons to indicate when they are playing audio or recording

And, of course, this is a preview, so there are some known issues as well:

  • Full-screen content is not yet truly full-screen
  • Project Spartan may crash on devices with AMD GPUs
  • Can't access localhost. Check the FAQ for more info

Overall, it looks like Edge is making some nice progress, with today's build bringing some much-needed functionality to the new browser. If you'd like to check out the full list of what's fixed and what's still broken in Windows 10 build 10122, we've got you covered there as well.

Source: Microsoft

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  • >Project Spartan may crash on devices with AMD GPUs And now we know why I will ONLY use a Intel based CPU....My new 5820k is sitting here waiting for it's new motherboard !   and 1st !
  • They said GPU, not CPU
  • Your right but, wont touch a AMD GPU...ever again, nothing but crashes, bloatware drivers and poor driver support for new games. Went back to a NVIDIA and will never go back. Same difference...
  • Ive never had problems with their cards. NVIDIA on the other hand I learned how to curse & swear at my computer reason bad reference drivers OEM drivers(& possibly counterfeit video cards) much more stable(& modded drivers if you feel like walking on the wild side). Cant say though id touch another amd cpu again reason was their phenom series
  • I've been using 4870, 5850 and R9 280x. Never any issues
  • Farstrider2001, I can't understand what you are saying. Just write your main point too much phrases.
  • This just looks like a fan boy rant. I can't say much on the subject as I've only owned AMD cards, but I will still recommend an NVIDIA card if the price is right, specifically the 760 when it came out. I personally have had no issues with any of my cards and I've owned a 3850, 5770, two 7770s and now a 280x. Catalyst is one piece of software and its not bloatware at all. Only time I had some issues was with some games not supporting cfx.
  • Same here. AMD driver support is terrible. Nvidia all the way now :)
  • That's not my experience at all. Here is a test for stability of your Nvidia card and drivers. Press alt-tab inside a game to switch to another app and boom your system will have a nice BSOD. There are tons of other issues with Nvidia such a black menus and loss of colors in app windows after your system wakes from sleep.
    On the other hand none of my AMD based system have any of these issues.
  • I actually have AMD FX 8320 and a Nvdia GTX 750 TI and it works like a beast. I never had any issues the drivers.
  • GPU and CPU are different things. An AMD GPU can run on an Intel CPU
  • As an Nvidia fan myself you make no damn sense.. Intel CPUs are good but an AMD GPU isn't a CPU.
  • Spartan crashes at launch for me.. and I have a Nvidia GTX 770 :P
  • It just isn't super stable yet.
  • Why is it still called Project Spartan on my installation of 10122?
  • Why not?
  • My guess is because Windows 10 is still in preview as well. When Windows 10 hits RTM they might change Project Spartan to Microsoft Edge officially ;)
  • It still unfinished project
  • Because their internal builds are much later than the ones we're getting.  It probably says Edge in their later internal builds.
  • I'll wait for the major release. Don't feel like trying it out and then roll all the way back to win 7 and the win 8 then win 8.1 again
  • I have imaged my install of 8.1 using Macrium Reflect. I can reinstall 8.1 in about 10 minutes if I ever need to
  • How does Macrium reflect compare to Paragon? I use Paragon and it seems pretty good.
  • I can't install... i'm stuck on 1% (copying files 4%)... anyone has the same problem?
  • Stuck at 18%, copying files 62%.
  • Same here. Exactly at 18% and 62% respectively. Messed up my windows 8.1 partition for a bit of time as well.
  • "Project Spartan may crash on devices with AMD GPUs"
    Off course it will -_-'.
  • **Off** course?
  • Going off course usually results in a crash. :p
  • Lol +1
  • Crashing on SP3. I can't even use it at all.
  • InPrivate mode is back? BRB...
  • Bad boy
  • This
  • It seems no URL bar in Microsoft Edge (From Pic) Is this correct? Or it opens when clicking name on tab?
  • No, the URL bar is not in that screenshot because the purple Web Note toolbar is there.  When they are done taking notes/writing, the address bar shows up again.
  • Wow!! What a solid update! - It's a lot more faster (but still needs more optimization for the initial launch to be faster)
    - It now leads ALL 64-Bit browsers in both Google’s Octane 2.0 And Apple’s Jet Stream Benchmarks (source)
    - InPrivate mode is back
    - Sites can now be pinned to Start Menu
    - History view is now functional (and you can easily remove individual items!)
    - The Reading view icon does this neat animation when the site is friendly for read view
    - Tabs now show speaker icon when it plays audio (similiar to Chrome)
  • sadly your source link is 404... :(
  • Hey, thanks dude! The only thing is, why Spartan is still use big memory when accessing this site? Anybody gets the same problem?
  • Just need Lenovo to release a driver for the touch pad. It's so bad on my yoga2pro
  • Webflow does not work on Project Spartan. Why?
  • Is it possible to make the favorites bar only show icons like in IE11?
  • Build 10122 destroyed my start menu, the new one is ugly :(
  • It would be nice if they used a toolbar with a specific color everywhere where it's appropriate, for example when viewing a PDF or search for a word in a website or printing a website.
    Example: when viewing a PDF, the toolbar appears (coloured in orange like the reader app) and would show options like zoom, search, page number, etc.
    Vote here on user voice:
  • I still cannot use Edge. I expect one day it'll be a really great browser but its too fresh. Why doesn't it yet have paste and go? IE doesn't have it and neither does Edge.
  • I hope we will get the tab thumbnails soon, true full screen and draggrable tabs outside the window. Another thing, I wish they give Microsoft Edge a dark mode too and an autohide addressbar and tabs similar to Windows 8.1. I miss the chromeless (no pun intentend) browsing from 8.1. Unfortunately Microsoft Edge still crash on mine. :(
  • Those of you who are asking for true full screen, it would be nice to have that but you have to respect the fact that you can small down Spartan while it is still in full screen. I can now follow a tutorial while viewing a complete YouTube screen unlike internet explorer, chrome and Firefox if you small down Spartan and press full screen it does not take over the complete desktop which is awesome.
  • Still no Home button, still not going to use it.  Too unproductive without a Home button.  How hard is it to add a home button, seriously?
  • Absolutely no problems for me not even project Spartan crashes. Intel all the way no AMD or Nvidia. Intel CPU and GPU rocks.
  • What's the minimum RAM required to run Win10? My laptop became slow and unresponsive from last update 10067, had to revert back Win 7. Total RAM - 1.5GB
  • Also, the developer tools have gotten a nice boost!  Not sure if that was in 10074 but they are now on par with chrome and IE11.