As the cyber world grows, so does the requirement for security personnel. One of the best ways to test security is to breach it — it's often hard to find a hole until something passes through it. The people who do this type of work are known as ethical hackers, and they are in high demand. Companies would rather have someone on their side breaching their security, rather than someone unknown or hostile. Maybe you've always fancied yourself a tech guru, or maybe you're just starting out. Either way, you're probably wondering how to get started down the path of cyber security.

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Being at the cutting edge of progress is never a bad idea, especially when it comes to your career. As job availability decreases and automation ramps up, individuals with specialized careers will be patting themselves on the back. One thing that doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon is the need for tech security, so why not get started on this course today? Here are just some of the course topics included in this jam-packed bundle:

  • Ethical Hacking from Beginner to Advanced Techniques
  • WebSecNinja: Lesser Known WebAttacks
  • Learn The Basics of Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing
  • Build an Advanced Keylogger Using C++ for Ethical Hacking
  • Linux Security & Hardening: The Practical Security Guide
  • How to Build a $120,000/Year Career as a Web Penetration Tester

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