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Here's what's been fixed and what issues still remain in the Windows 10 10041 build

Microsoft has just released the 10041 build of the Windows 10 Technical Preview, and the development team has fixed some issues that were found in the previous 9926 build. At the same time, it also has some known issues that Windows Insider members should be aware of as they try out the build.

Here's the list of what's been fixed in the 10041 build:

  • In 9926 there were several issues which prevented Start from launching, these should all be fixed.
  • Search box now works if you have taskbar on the top/side of your screen.
  • After installing the last build (9926), you saw a boot selection menu when you rebooted your PC. We've fixed this and you should no longer see the boot selection menu – unless you're intentionally dual-booting.
  • We received feedback that people were seeing persistent grey thumbnails in the Collection view in the Photos app on Build 9926. We think we've worked through all these issues, so definitely let us know if you find a case where one still crops up.

Microsoft still has a list of known issues that are a part of the new build:

  • Some people might hit an issue where the username and password boxes do not appear or don't accept input when logging in, which will prevent them from logging in. Possible workarounds include clicking the "Switch User" button, using Ctrl+Alt+Del, or pressing the power button on your PC to sleep/resume and try again.
  • It is possible to manually lock your PC during the initial out-of-box experience. If you do this, you will have to hard reboot your PC and restart the OOBE experience. (So don't lock your PC during OOBE :-)
  • There are several accessibility issues in this build, which may make it difficult to use with Narrator or 3rd party screen readers. Additionally there is an issue where using a Lens after enabling Magnifier may cause the screen to be unusable.
  • Some apps in the Store Beta will fail to install or update due to a licensing issue.
  • In this build, the Mail, Calendar, and People apps may be broken due to a licensing issue with the Store Beta. To get these apps working again, you need to follow these steps: Open powershell as administrator; Run the command Get-appxprovisionedpackage –online | where-object {$_.packagename –like "*windowscommunicationsapps*"} | remove-appxprovisionedpackage –online; Re-install Mail, People and Calendar from the Store (green tile)
  • You might notice a chess knight icon on your Lock screen to the right of the screen. This was added by the Lock screen team so they could tell via screenshots if someone was using the new Lock screen or the old one, and will eventually be removed in a future build.
  • Font sizes on the Lock screen on devices with high DPI can be really large.
  • We currently have the Tablet Mode notification turned off by default to address some of the issues we've been seeing. The notifications can be turned back on via Settings.
  • The touch keyboard doesn't show up on login screen which prevents you from unlocking your PC when Narrator is on.
  • Some people might see frequent prompts to restart to install updates, even though no updates need a restart. This prompt can be ignored safely.

Source: Microsoft

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  • And the browser Spartan? When are they going to release it? They promised it will launch in next build
  • Probably when its ready =). Either they release it now and it may be a little buggy and people just think its an awful browser or they "break their promise" and dont release it now. I am super excited to see it but I also realise this is beta software/app on a beta OS so delays are going to happen. 
  • When it's ready? Software hasn't been released when it's ready for decades.
  • maybe it's with the next build for the slow ring
  • Apparently on these new builds they only fix some bugs. They don't add new features.
  • Spartan!!!!!!
  • I'm imagining you as Xerxes in 300 shouting that. It's kinda hilarious.
  • Sure hope the beta store will work now
  • eh? The Store in the preview works on my PC :/
  • Mine just says it needs to be updated but there's always an error when I try that
  • Dod the start menu got transparent?
  • Yes.
  • What about multiple window
  • And the Spartan comments commence
  • Waiting for Spartan!!!
  • Hopefully the slow build is released by the end of the week.
  • Maybe, but I doubt it, I would say at least a week or two out.
  • Why? It will be the same build.
  • Because I'm using Windows 10 as my daily driver and I want a more stable build.
  • Is the touch multitasking system still broken?
  • 10041 was a good build to release to insiders. By far the best and most stable of all of the builds since 9926. Haven't had any issues with it other than some hibernation and app store (beta) silliness all week.
  • Have you seen any battery life improvements?
  • Has anyone noticed whether or not Windows 10 preview will work with wireless display adaptors?
  • Work with the USB wireless adaptor I am using.
  • Lack of tablet mode UX improvements are worrisome, given the RTM timetable. I'm sure they're further along than we're privy to (like with Spartan), but unlike a browser I'd think that they'd want to get this very nuanced UX stuff into beta ASAP for user feedback. Right now it's god-awful.
  • I've been feeling this way too, it feels like things went too far the other way and they threw the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to touch / tablet use. I hope they aren't struggling to get things back to where they should be.
    I'm not convinced the whole "Tablet Mode" concept is right yet. With Windows 8.1 I used my Surface Pro 3 just fine and mixed in my use of touch and KB/M pretty naturally and it never felt like I necessarily used it as one or the other explicitly. The idea of two "modes" might remove a lot of the focus from the touch experience (I know there are less tablet users running Windows than KB/M users but its still important)
  • I can live with it if they retain the old multitasking system.   Also, does anyone else think it's funny that they removed the hardware start button requirement, after getting rid of the start button in the charms bar?
  • This is a good point, on a small tablet they can't expect to always show the taskbar surely? At the moment in tablet mode the taskbar always shows. I guess they could have you swipe up from the bottom to show the taskbar, and then tap the start button in the taskbar, doesn't seem as nice as charms in 8.1 which work great on tablets.
  • I share this sentiment exactly. I love using my surface pro 3! I have Win10 installed on my old desktop and there is nothing about it that would make me want to put it on my surface pro 3. Maybe it's because i haven't been able to personally test win10 on a touch based PC, but i feel like a lot of what made touch work on win8/8.1 is gone. Just ONE example would be multitasking.  I love that the pro 3 can snap 3+ apps side by side and resizing one, resizes the others. This does not happen on Win10. Another example would be removing the swipe in from right side to pull up options and replacing that with a button on the chrome of the open window. Yet even though that button is on the top, the options still fly in from the right side. These GLARING oversights in UI have me very worried about win10 going too far to appease people who were too curmudgeon-y to embrace 8.1
  • Sounds like we all have the same feels. The last iteration of the tech preview rendered my DV8P pretty much useless- not from bugs, purely the UI disaster. I think my biggest complaint is the Cortana integration, or lack thereof. Between that and the notification center, a tablet screen gets obliterated. These should really be rolled together, it's schizophrenic to be getting actionable material (notifications, alerts, curated info) in two different and space-hogging places.
  • I agree 100% with the tablet. I have windows 10 on my Surface pro and it makes me miss windows 8.1 alot. I will say that this build that came out yesterday seems to be way better with the tablet version but still nothing like windows 8. I am looking forward to the future changes as we are not the only ones who do not like it. I remind myself that they probably have surface pro 3's with windows 10 all over the microsoft dev center, so they know how subpar it is compared to windows 8.  
  • Can you post for every major version in the comments, if the multitasking system has been improved?   It's hard for me to get that information, because my only touch device is a Surface RT.
  • You cant snap apps? That is bad. They need full screen start and all the other stufff they had on win 8.1 for touchscreen users.
  • And i feel like i have to add here what I FEEL win10 should have been: Unified apps Window-able "modern-apps" Swipe up=same as 8.1(plus add any features that were previously available from swiping down)  Swipe left=same as 8.1, swipe down=Charms (without a start button since the bottom left corner now shows start when hovering), swipe right=same as 8.1 Replace control panel with fully touch and K/M friendly version that is AS CAPABLE as the control panel was. Boot to Start or Desktop option. DONE
  • Even though it's not mentioned but I hope they returned OneDrive smart folders / place holders as this was the best feature in Windows 8.1
  • They've already said the sucessor to this feature is not coming until later in the year after RTM.
  • I found March!
  • Can I install this on my hp stream 7. The last build was a headache to get installed.
  • That's what I was wondering too, waiting for a build that supports WIMBoot.
  • Same here (I'm writing this on my Stream 7). I really want to install Windows 10 but i read that its really tricky at the moment so I've been holding off.
  • I hope they've sorted that Host Process for Setting Synchronization task that keeps on running up, using up to 30% of the CPU. It's a killer.
  • There is a temporary fix for that with a powershell script:
  • I've seen that thanks but it was beyond me. Like you say, it's temporary though.
  • It was for me too, but then I read this and now I no longer have this issue:
  • what about video driver isseus!
  • Will be interested to see if they have fixed Office 365 (SharePoint Online) being basically unusable in the browser or not.
  • What problems have you been seeing?
  • thanks for the work around for the mail and people app!
  • I was hoping for an ISO. :P (low hopes). Makes sense to only create ISOs for slow ring releases though.
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  • No not really a thing that I'm aware of. Just a fan of the Me Tile from WP, especially now that MS removed it's usefulness. There's an app in the store called Tile Me where you can create these.
  • Hope NumPad keyboard is working for everyone now...
  • Great article. Thanks
  • So all this time to correct 4 issues and create some others? I mean, I know this is Beta testing and all but seriously, it seems that every step forward they give they then give 2 steps back. By the looks of it I highly doubt they'll have this ready by the end of September.
  • I bet most of the waiting between builds is debating what can and can't be given to the public yet.
  • I'm hoping that it'll fix the error I have with IE - where if I close the program or a window I'll get a "Internet Explorer has stopped working" error - every time. It's annoying. Can't get rid of it...
  • All these issues makes me not want to install
  • Hum... I think ms should fix the crytical issues before launching the build

  • Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I typed the command in verbatim. Not a powershell user. In this build, the Mail, Calendar, and People apps may be broken due to a licensing issue with the Store Beta. To get these apps working again, you need to follow these steps: Open powershell as administrator; Run the command Get-appxprovisionedpackage –online | where-object {$_.packagename –like "*windowscommunicationsapps*"} | remove-appxprovisionedpackage –online; Re-install Mail, People and Calendar from the Store (green tile)
  • or create a quick youtube tutorial? That'd be nice and not a bad way to teach us.
  • Nevermind, 1 min into the video he shows you how to do it. nice.
  • I'm not going to install any preview since I just got one laptop which is being used to schoolwork... But to wait on the final Windows 10 is no big deal since I'm still waiting for Snapchat to arrive on Windows Phone... Lol
  • I will pass
  • Nice look at the time of installation
  • Hope it will boost fast
  • wow i'm going to update from 9926 to 10041
  • abaout lunching time , is there any improvements ??
  • What's that Dell?
  • The Windows button doesn't work !!! And action center too why? Whit the actualization will fix it?
  • Don't know if it's just that my hardware's out of date, but I have an issue where my mouse tends to lag around when logging in and when opening programs. Anyone else getting this? I'm on a Dell Venue 8 pro with a bluetooth mouse and keyboard.
  • Not just you bro - and not just your hardware. I have the same issue on my surface pro 3
  • Oh , I'm using a bluetooth mouse too
  • Aiden, consider yourself lucky. On my Venue 8 Pro, build 10041 eliminated Bluetooth altogether.   It doesn't even appear in the Device Manager.
  • Can anyone tell me What is the model name of this dell computer ? (In the Picture)
  • Did anyone else lose Cortana in the update? It now says she's not available in my region, but none of my region settings changed
  • Narrator bug is in 9926 it's annoying when the tablet decides to turn on with instead touch and turns on accidentally. It's a double screw.
  • I need that coffee mug.
  • "Your computer is up to date" and I'm in a Fast ring for updates, any one know how to fix this? thanks
  • So OneDrive hasnt been fixed yet..good job.  
  • You failed to mention 2 other issues:  This build crashes 5 minutes after booting. This build gives a blank page when trying to revert to the previous build because this build crashes 5 minutes after booting!
  • Which laptop is this ? Dell ...model?
  • I don't know if any one else has experienced this, but in certain apps (like the "green" Store and Music), content to the right and bottom of the window seems to be scaled up and cut off, as if the window is too small or something. Resizing the window doesn't fix the problem; the content stays cut off as the window resizes. In apps like Music, this prevents me from getting to the app bar, and in the other apps (including music) I can't access the settings to that app.
  • I'm having few Issues with Windows Apps like Skype or Music or Photos, The bottom and right side of the app is missing or out of screen or something, so basically i cant see the text box in the skype to type my msgs in skype and i cant hit the next button or the play/pause buttons on music app.... can anyone help me with that 
    Look at this image to understand
  • The 3 dot charm bar is missing at the bottom right ride, as you can see