Here's what's new with the Intel HD update for Surface Book and Surface Pro 4

If you are an owner of the Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book, you'll find a new Intel HD graphics update available today. Version is a bump from the previous driver release back in March of The update applies to the Intel HD 515, 520, and 540 (Iris) graphics processors found on Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 (Core m3) and Surface Pro 4 Core i5 and i7 models.

The Intel driver version 4463 was released openly by Intel back in June, and beta users could manually install it. Microsoft has now approved the drivers for their Surface devices ensuring a stable experience when combined with the latest OS updates. Here is what is new from the release notes from Intel (warning: PDF):

Whether you're a casual gamer, power user, or gamer, this driver is aimed to improve your overall experience. We've fixed many hangs, crashes, and graphics corruptions across a wide spectrum of games and applications. We're especially pleased to report that this driver also fixes some long standing and frequently reported graphics issues on Intel's Support Community, including a scaling issue with Windows 10, and an error found when playing a particular game title. Please see below for additional details on fixed issues

  • System may hang while resuming from Sleep/Hibernation while using WiDi
  • Graphics corruptions may be seen in Just Cause 3, Forza Apex, The Witness, XCOM 2, Ark Survival: Evolved
  • Scaling issue, Black Borders problem in Windows 10® - Stuck at 'Constrain proportions'
  • Screen may not rotate in full-screen mode and other miscellaneous issues with screen rotation.
  • System may crash when playing back videos over WiDi or Miracast

The driver update applies to 6th, 5th, and 4th Generation Intel Core processors so there is a chance that earlier Surface models may also get the update along with other PCs, tablets, and two-in-ones.

Daniel Rubino

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