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Hitman 3 hit with launch issues, players unable to carry their save progression over

Hitman 3 Screenshot
Hitman 3 Screenshot (Image credit: IO Interactive)

What you need to know

  • Hitman 3 is the latest in the long-running assassination and stealth-focused Hitman series.
  • Hitman 3 is officially out today, but numerous players are running into issues getting into the game.
  • IO Accounts, which are used to carry over progression from previous games, are failing to sign people in.
  • IO Interactive is working on the progression and account issue and is trying to get everyone in.

The latest game featuring everyone's favorite bald assassin is now available, and Hitman 3 is inviting people to join on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and even Switch. While the game has garnered respectable reviews, it is running into some initial launch pains that have been lasting all day. Most notably, players are having a ton of trouble signing-in and accessing their IO Account.

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One of the biggest draws of Hitman 3 is that it's a continuation of the first two games in the trilogy, and players can use their IO Accounts to carry over progression from previous games. However, players are having trouble signing-in to their accounts, resetting their passwords, and having their requests to carry over their progression be processed. IO Interactive is hard at work resolving all of these issues, but it's clearly taking some time.

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The progression issue isn't stopping players from getting into the game, but without their progression, many players have zero reasons to do so. There are also some reports of players who have gotten into the game running into server issues and random disconnects, detracting from what is otherwise one of the best stealth games around.

In our Hitman 3 review, we said that "Hitman 3 is fun to play and the first few levels of this installment are some of the best in Hitman's history." If you're interested in trying the game out (hopefully after all the initial problems have been resolved), you can purchase the game now. Also, consider one of the Best Headsets for Xbox Series X|S, that way, you can hear your targets before they can hear you.

Zachary Boddy
Zachary Boddy

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  • I understand the progression issues but there are people struggling to simply play the game due to server problems. It's almost as if single player titles shouldn't require a server connection to play....
  • It almost feels like it's only news if a game DOESN'T have some kind of problem at launch these days.
  • I was able to get mine to convert after about an hour wait. I was able to play for several hours. I started getting server disconnect warnings towards the end of my planned plan session.
  • This is a shame, because is basically one of the few things they did need to get right. But I wonder, what does importing your progression entail? If it's just the levels you completed in Hitman 1 and/or 2, or ingame achievements, I don't think it's that serious. Am I missing something? Unlocks? Haven't played these games (to be fair, I'm waiting until a version that compiles all three comes eventually, I don't have problems in waiting years and for it to be on sale).