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What you need to know

  • A father created a customized controller that allows his daughter with HSP to play the Nintendo Switch.
  • The controller works with the Xbox Adaptive Controller.
  • A video shows the controller in action controlling The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

A father created a customized controller that allows his daughter to play on the Nintendo Switch. The controller's inventor, Rory Steel, refers to it as his homemade accessibility controller V1.0 in a Tweet. The controller from Steel works by connecting to the Xbox Adaptive Controller and then connecting to the Nintendo Switch.

Steel's daughter, Ava, has hereditary spastic paraplegia (HSP), which makes her struggle with fine motor control and finger dexterity, as explained in a tweet from Steel. The controller Steel shows off in the video has buttons around the edge of a large rectangular body. Each button can be customized to control different inputs of the console.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller literally changed the game for this man

Nintendo does not support using the Xbox Adaptive Controller with the Switch, but Steel managed to make it work. When asked about connecting the Xbox Adaptive Controller to the Switch, Steel pointed people to the Mayflash Magic-NS Wireless Bluetooth Controller Adapter. This adapter allows regular Xbox One controllers to work with the Switch, so it should work with the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Championing inclusion

Xbox Adaptive Controller

A platform for inclusion

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is the ultimate adaptive peripheral for those with unique accessibility needs. Tailor each standard button with a huge array of controls and add-ons to suit specific usability scenarios.

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