How to use an Xbox One, Series X|S controller with Nintendo Switch

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Can you use an Xbox One, Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S controller (or a PlayStation 4 controller) on a Nintendo Switch? The answer is yes! But you'll need to use an affordable USB adapter from Mayflash. In this guide, we'll go through how to use the Mayflash Magic NS 2 Bluetooth USB adapter for Nintendo Switch, allowing you to use Xbox Bluetooth controllers and PS4 controllers.

Note: The Mayflash Magic NS only works with Xbox One controllers. For Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controllers, you need the newer Mayflash Magic NS 2.

Prepare the Mayflash Magic NS 2 on Nintendo Switch

  1. First, plug in the Mayflash Magic NS into one of the Switch's USB ports.
    • Note: You can also connect it to the bottom of the Nintendo Switch in portable mode using the included dongle.

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  1. On your Switch, navigate to the System Settings menu at the bottom of the home screen.
  2. Go down to Controllers and Sensors and enable Pro Controller Wired Communication.

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  1. Go back and now select Change Grip/Order.
  2. Make sure that your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers are mapped into one controller by pressing down on both triggers, as seen here.

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These steps seem to help the Mayflash Magic NS circumvent some issues with pairing.

How to use a Bluetooth Xbox controller on Nintendo Switch

  1. Press and hold the button on top of the Mayflash Magic NS for 5-ish seconds to swap it between modes. The Xbox controller seems to work best when the light is purple in the Nintendo Switch Pro controller mode.


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  1. Tap the button to put it into pairing mode. It will flash rapidly.
  2. Press and hold the pairing button on your Xbox controller until the Xbox logo light flashes rapidly in pairing mode.

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  1. When the lights are solid, you should be ready to play! Use the notes in the Mayflash Magic NS box for an overview of the button mapping.

Our top equipment picks

This is the gear you need to get set up with an Xbox controller on Nintendo Switch. Follow the steps above, and you should be good to go without having to pick up an extra (and pricey) Nintendo Pro controller. 

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