For Honor gets Prince of Persia crossover event

Prince Of Persia
Prince Of Persia (Image credit: Ubisoft)

What you need to know

  • For Honor is a third-person melee combat game from Ubisoft.
  • It's getting a Prince of Persia event in April.
  • You'll have to stop the Prince and his sand armies.
  • You can purchase For Honor for $40 through the Microsoft Store.

Prince of Persia is a legendary franchise that has been dormant for many years now. The last game was great, but it didn't offer a satisfying conclusion or story. It seemed like Ubisoft was more interested in making countless sequels than telling a compelling, standalone tale. If you've been missing Prince of Persia, we have some great news. Don't get your hopes up too high though, because it's a crossover event instead of a new game.

Today, Ubisoft announced Blades of Persia, a For Honor cross-brand in-game event themed around Prince of Persia, playable today through April 2. Blades of Persia will transform For Honor for three weeks, bringing a limited-time game mode, a new quest for the Arcade mode as well as new Prince of Persia–inspired items for players to collect, including a free event pass available to all players. Following a sandstorm that has descended on the lands of Heathmoor, the Prince of Persia arrives to stake his claim to the throne in For Honor. He brings an army of sand creatures in his wake for a special limited-time game mode, Ruler of Time, which tasks heroes to fight and defeat him and his sand creature minions in a variation of the Harbor Dominion map. During the match, the Prince will periodically emerge from a sand tornado and seek to destroy any heroes in his way with the legendary Dagger of Time. In addition to the special mode, For Honor will receive Prince of Persia–themed changes including revamped in-game menus with new visuals and music from the Prince of Persia universe.

Let's hope that Ubisoft revives the franchise soon because it's been a long time since we got to play as the Prince. It boggles my mind that the team is sitting on such amazing franchises like Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell without actively developing sequels or reboots.

Do you still play For Honor? Will this event bring you back? Let us know.

Asher Madan

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